Teaching Chair Yoga – How to Serve & Thrive

Many of you know I’m deeply passionate about teaching Chair Yoga (hence having published a no 1 best-selling book on Teaching Chair Yoga!)

But did you know that Chair Yoga Classes can be the quickest and easiest yoga classes to market? And with Chair Yoga Students often being more loyal and committed to a weekly chair yoga class it is one of the best ways for a local community yoga teacher to THRIVE!

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s an interview from a Pannel discussion I hosted with 3 other Yoga Teachers. Hear how we market & teach our SOLD OUT Chair Yoga Classes.

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In this panel on Teaching Chair Yoga, we explore:

How we got started with Chair Yoga Classes
How we have successfully marketed our Classes
How Chair Yoga isn’t just Yoga for Seniors but the true variety of students we see in our classes
What challenges we have experienced and how we overcame them
How we adapt the yoga classes to suit different abilities and needs
Why Chair Yoga is so very fulfilling to teach

This panel features me, Laura Green Author of Teaching Chair Yoga, Kayleigh Kavanagh, Emma Major and Yoga with Hayley.

Inspired to try Chair Yoga? Get started as a teacher with my Teacher Chair Yoga book, available here on Amazon: