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Lisa Gardner of Iris Hill

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: http://www.irishill.co.uk

About Iris Hill

Lisa is an inspirational Artist and Yoga teacher who combines her two passions to create flowing, playful watercolours. By letting go of thoughts of perfection, she celebrates the creative process. Exploring how painting can be a portal to meditation, she experiments with linking her breath to each swish of the brush. Iris Hill Art & Yoga runs regular Watercolour Wellbeing workshops across Hampshire in the UK.


Laura supported my vision, she allowed me to explore my own ideas on the course whilst, at the same time, providing a clear structure that helped me feel secure in my learning. The course covered the practicalities of becoming a Yoga Teacher but also the emotional journey, her generous nature means she is still a mentor to me now. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and with the support network put in place, I was was able to step up to the challenges with confidence, enabling me to experience the joy of sharing this special practice.

Magda Moszynska of Yoga with Mags

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://yogawithmags.co.uk/

About Yoga with Mags

Magda teach various Vinyasa Yoga styles with strong elements inspired by Ashtanga. Magda’s classes help healing from physical and emotional vulnerabilities by building strength and confidence in the body, and with this, a sense of trust in the world. She is an advocate for strength and kindness both on and off the mat.


Before choosing my yoga teacher training with Laura Green Yoga, I had high expectations. I have a handful of friends who are yoga teachers and through their advice concerning their own trainings, and my own research and practice, there was a great deal I had hoped to learn. I believe I was the only person who didn’t know Laura beforehand but when we spoke over the phone, it just felt right, that she was the one to guide me on the path to become a yoga teacher. Laura’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training completely fulfilled my hopes and I couldn’t be happier with the great deal of knowledge I acquired throughout this training. I researched a few local and international programs before committing to hers, and during and after the program there was and is zero doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right training. The breadth of topics covered including philosophy, anatomy, Sanskrit, asana, assisting, history, business, and much more, were so thoroughly and carefully taught that it actually amazes me how much we were able to learn in 200 hours. Additionally, there was a 1-week intensive part of the course in Spain, Tarifa, which completely blew my mind. The venue, the food, the bonus yoga “treats” Laura organised for us, but most of all, how we all bonded and transformed our learning and friendships. Something I never thought I could experience. Most importantly for me, I feel that I have come home with the literature and resources I need to continue to read, learn, and grow, into an experienced yoga teacher. I was extremely happy with this program and feel truly proud to be able to call Laura my mentor under whose wings I still continue to grow as a yogi, teacher and a person.

Clare Collins of Lym Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.lymyoga.co.uk/

About Lym Yoga

Clare teaches Yoga in Lymington as well as being a Part Time Science Teacher. She started yoga initially for fitness, flexibility and strength but I soon realised yoga is about so much more. Clare shares in her teaching the lessons of yoga for improved healing and coping skills to ease the path through difficult life periods. Clare’s yoga classes teach people to relax, to focus on breathing, to take away competitiveness and judgement of others and to re-centre on the individual self.


Yoga has transformed my life and led me to fantastic new opportunities and connections that I never thought I would be able to make. Laura has been a key person in my yoga journey. When I started taking Laura’s classes about 8 years ago it started as a physical workout. As Laura grew the business to day and weekend retreats, I started to go on these as well. These were inspirational, relaxing, organised to perfection and allowed me to find out that yoga is so much more than just a weekly class. I began to get a thirst and enthusiasm to learn more and gain more and more benefits from the practise, leading me to the six-month immersion course and then teacher training. Yoga now plays a massive part in my life every day and has given me self-confidence, bravery, strength and continuing opportunities. I strive to be the teacher Laura is, she sets me a fantastic role-model to follow, balancing love and friendliness with a no excuses and practising what she preaches attitude. Thank you Laura for setting me on this path and continuing to support me on it.

Jackie Cheng of Chi Yoga Southampton

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.chiyogasouthampton.co.uk/

About Chi Yoga Southampton

Jackie from Chi Yoga Southampton is a fully qualified GP and yoga instructor in Southampton, Hampshire. Having worked as a busy GP for the last 10 years she understands the struggle to maintain personal resilience in today's fast paced busy world. She strongly believes yoga is the key as an easily accessible and effective means to improve people’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Her teaching is focused on helping students reconnect with themselves and find balance in this modern day society, to not just 'survive' in a demanding unrelenting world but to do so with a smile!


The feeling on completing the 9 month YTT course was indescribable, my heart full of a sense of accomplishment and success peppered with relief. The course itself was an incredible journey of self discovery as well as delving deep into the many facets of yoga. At times it was an emotionally labile rollercoaster as we each explored and opened up our inner self, learning more about ourselves. There were so many tears of joy, love and pride in what we each achieved overcoming fears and obstacles to become fully qualified yoga teachers ready to share our love of yoga with confidence. I cannot praise and thank Laura Green enough for being our guide on this journey and being the most invested, knowledgeable supportive teacher / mentor one could wish for, both during the course and ongoing after. Always ready and willing to offer advice and support whenever we need. I feel very lucky to have been part of this experience and would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher to do their teacher training with Laura.

Kiki Lee-Betti of Yoga with Kiki

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.facebook.com/YogawithKikiSouthampton/

About Yoga with Kiki

Kiki started yoga after a c-section as an attempt to strengthen her core and spine having also fractured her spine during a car crash in 2001. Yoga was a way to rebuild her strength but soon grew into her life's passion and is now a qualified Yoga Teacher. Kiki teaches yoga to share with people the amazing healing powers of it has on the mind and the body. Her classes are a mixture of Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga with a particular emphasis on alignment and developing core strength. Kiki teaches at Testwood School and St Denys Community Centre.


When I came to choose which course to go with; it was clear that Laura’s training programme was the right one for me. I am not a fan of short intensive courses because in my opinion they don’t allow enough time to assimilate and practise new knowledge. I see Yoga as a way to freedom, so I wanted to steer clear of any overly prescriptive training places. Laura’s training programme was dense, carefully planned out over 9 months to enable sustained and rapid progression. It covered so many aspects of Yoga. The training was challenging at times on an emotional level, it was physically and intellectually demanding but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Laura is very knowledgeable about yoga anatomy and business; she is keen to share all that she knows without reserve and we benefitted from a variety of outside speakers making the experience rich. Laura is accessible and was there to offer her support whenever it was needed. By the end of the course, I felt confident that I had the right kind of knowledge to deliver safe and anatomically sound classes and just felt ready that I could do this. I never intended to teach as much as I have, and I think it is because I have also met great friends for life in my fellow trainees. The week in Spain was such a treat. I am so grateful for this experience. The best thing I have ever done after starting Yoga!

Penny Stewart of Yoga with Penny

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://pennystewartyoga.com/

About Yoga with Penny

Penny has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and started teaching 14 months ago initially as a yoga trainee teacher now as a fully qualified teacher since November 2018. Penny I've been a GP for over 25 years and combines her interest in medicine and yoga. Penny has completed further training to become a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher, a NHS recognised 12 week course for people with low back pain. She also teaches Vinyasa flow yoga twice a week in Twyford, Hampshire.


Laura Green's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is inspirational, comprehensive and expansive. Laura equips all her teacher trainees with the skills necessary to become an excellent yoga teacher. Laura also continues her mentoring role after you qualify offering sound advice and support if you need it.

Sharon McKinnon of Sharon McKinnon Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.sharonmckinnonyoga.co.uk/

About Sharon McKinnon Yoga

Prior to completing the 200hr teaching with Laura, Sharon had practiced yoga for 6 years. Through her practice she discovered, in addition to the huge physical benefits, the power of yoga to help with managing stress and developing the ability to deal with challenging situations from a more grounded and centred place. Sharon is also a Clinical Psychologist working with children and adolescents, specialising in body based psychology, particularly in the area of trauma and anxiety. Sharon teaches yoga twice a week, including a class aimed at relieving stress.


The 200hr training with Laura was a deep journey of personal discovery and exploration. Laura’s attention to detail and willingness to share her personal experience, wisdom and broad knowledge base was inspiring and her support and encouragement of all her students invaluable. I learnt so much more than how to teach yoga! I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to teach yoga in a professional, genuine and heartfelt way.

Sally Wilkinson of Sally Wilkinson Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://sallywilkinsonyoga.co.uk/

About Sally Wilkinson Yoga

Sally has been a Specialist Children’s Yoga Teacher and Dance Teacher for many years before becoming a Fully Qualified Yoga Teacher through Laura’s 200 Hour Training. Sally offers a number of workshops and classes to children from 4 to 12 to experience the wonders of yoga as well as adult yoga classes in Southampton and Winchester. Sally continues to teach ballet to beginners/ improvers in Southampton and Romsey. She is passionate about movement through yoga and dance and its profound effect on the body and mind helping to improve health and wellbeing.


Laura runs a well- structured and detailed course catering for those from diverse backgrounds and experience. She provides a variety of guest teachers allowing a broader depth of knowledge and understanding of the subject. Her vast experience and passion for yoga is evident in her teaching. She is extraordinary in the sharing of her time and knowledge and in supporting individual needs throughout the course and beyond. She is a great mentor and continues generously in supporting and encouraging individual opportunities in teaching once qualified. An inspirational course leader.

Eloise Draper of Yoga & Holistic Therapy For You

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.yogaandholistictherapy4u.co.uk/

About Yoga & Holistic Therapy For You

Eloise began her yoga journey back in 1999 on her travels, when she found a beautiful yoga class being offered in Manly, in Sydney Australia. Eloise was overwhelmed by the feeling she always had after my yoga classes, such as feeling peaceful, happy and light!! Something that isn't common in this day and age! After a only a few months with the Yoga School in Australia, Eloise returned home and then didn't return to yoga for a number of years before finding a suitable class that was more than just Asana! Eloise then discovered there were lots of wonderful yoga classes being offered in Southampton and she was hooked again and is now, some 18 years later teaching it and living the dream thanks to Laura Green! Eloise finds teaching yoga very rewarding and goes hand in hand with the holistic therapies she offers. Yoga can really be effective in helping to improve not only the physical but the mental, emotional and general health and well-being of a person which is a primary focus in her job. Eloise has always had an interest in wellbeing and has been a fully qualified Reflexologist, Swedish Massage and Reiki Master for more than 10 years.


Stacey Steele of Stacey Steele Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.staceysteeleyoga.com/

About Stacey Steele Yoga

Stacey first attended a yoga class with Laura in 2013, shortly after having her second baby. She wanted a light form of exercise to re-gain strength and flexibility following pregnancy but soon discovered there was so much more to yoga than the physical benefits - particularly the feeling of being happy and less stressed after every class. When Laura announced she was going to start a teacher training course, Stacey leapt at the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher so that she could share the benefits of yoga with others. Whilst waiting for the training to start, Stacey trained as a children's yoga teacher in 2017 and has been running regular children's classes for ages 5-11 for over a year and also runs a weekly class in a local pre-school. She is also working on bringing yoga into schools so that even more children can have regular access to yoga. Stacey teaches hatha-flow yoga in Hedge End, Botley and Wickham and runs regular beginners' yoga courses to encourage more people to take up the practice, as she believes yoga is an important tool to boost physical and mental well-being in today's hectic world.


The training weekends were long and intense, but despite this Laura made sure that the sessions were interesting, informative and fun. Between her and a carefully chosen selection of guest teachers we covered a huge range of topics from the history of yoga, a large amount of physical poses, anatomy study and administration. Teaching the community classes was an invaluable part of the training, although nerve-wracking to begin with. I couldn't imagine training with anyone else. 10/10!

Enrico Tambellini of Yoga with Enrico

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://yogawithenrico.co.uk/

About Yoga with Enrico

Enrico has been practising yoga for many years dipping in and out through life’s phases. Enrico is former semi-professional triathlete and firefighter/paramedic life who is now a specialist researcher in PTSD. Through his experience in the fields of trauma and PTSD, Enrico has seen first hand the power of yoga as more than just a physical practice and believes that Yoga is a "go to" therapy for those suffering from PTSD. Enrico is passionate about Mental Health and Mindfulness adding such techniques into his classes. Enrico has done further training including Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, Trauma Sensitive Yoga and SUP Yoga teacher training. Enrico teaches several classes per week, including Yoga for Backs and Posture, General Vinyasa flow and Hatha classes, SUP Yoga and1-1 Trauma Sensitive Yoga specialising in all forms of PTSD. Enrico has been recognised by the University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust for his work with the Health and Wellness of their staff and has been teaching yoga with them at the hospital and online.


I nervously arranged to meet Laura after a recommendation from my fiancé that if I was serious about doing Yoga Teacher Training then Laura was the person that would be the best fit for me. Laura’s no-nonsense approach to teaching appealed to me. It was never my intention to teach, but just to get a deeper understanding of Yoga. Little did I know that this was to be a life changing event that continues to surprise me even after many hours of teaching I am still learning about yoga and myself and learning even more from my students. Laura gave me the best foundation that I could ever have wished for with the Sunday community classes giving me the Yoga teaching experience that I never knew I needed. Along with my fellow students we were thrown in at the deep end but always had Laura there to fish us out when we were struggling and get us focused, and to “firmly” correct us when required. Whenever I was feeling wobbly, I was able to send Laura a message that I needed help and she would get me re focused and back on my journey. If you intend doing yoga teacher training, prepare yourself, as this is an intense and emotional course? You will never be the same person again.If you are serious about Yoga teacher training, then I cannot recommend Laura enough and would be happy to discuss this further with any prospective students. A year after completing my teacher training, I feel that I can still call upon Laura should the need arise.

Becky Coker of Becky Lea Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.facebook.com/beckyleayoga/

About Becky Lea Yoga

Becky’s yoga journey began in 2008, when travelling she stayed at a yoga retreat in New Zealand. Previous to this Becky’s love had been for martial arts however, a recent accident in Thailand meant that martial arts were off the table. The physical postures of yoga coupled with mindful breathing tapped into feelings of strength both physically and mentally and left her feeling grounded, centred and connected. Becky was hooked from this point! After returning home Becky found Laura Green Yoga classes and has been a regular student since, albeit two post baby breaks. Becky loves the transformational nature of yoga. She finds it can energise, restore, create feelings of courage and calm and the feelings and lessons transfer off the mat. Becky completed her Teacher Training with Laura Green Teacher Training School in 2019. Becky’s warm, friendly and empathic energy can be felt in the room and her style is light in spirit while giving the body just the right degree of challenge.


Laura’s passion and knowledge of Yoga shone through all her teachings on the course. There were a variety of teaching methods and guest teachers, alongside a comprehensive resource pack that I continue to return to! Laura held space and connected to all her students; she encouraged and inspired us to find our own unique voice and style of teaching and supported us every step of the way. Laura is fully committed to delivering training to a high standard and continues to support her trainees once qualified. I would highly recommend this challenging but extremely fulfilling course to anyone thinking of embarking on Yoga Teacher Training.

Anna Brown of Anna B Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.instagram.com/annabyoga_/

About Anna B Yoga

Building on years of experience as a dance teacher, Anna offers a creative yoga class with a strong sense of flow. Excited by the mental health benefits of yoga each class explores how your breath and movements work together to shift, lighten and enhance your mood. Anna teaches across the community from young people in schools, teen wellbeing classes, adult Vinyasa flow and an inclusive chair yoga session.


Laura Green’s 200 hour Yoga Training course is a brilliant balance of practical experience and knowledge development. The programme is full to bursting with content from anatomy, to community engagement, the history of yoga, to marketing and business awareness, everything you need to start your yoga career. Laura shares her passion and years of yoga experience so generously. Peer support is built in from day one, so you graduate with your very own tribe, ready to inspire and cheer you on! But most importantly Laura empowered me to become the yoga teacher I wanted to be. Gently challenging and guiding me to find my own path.

Tracy Trowbridge of Tracy Trowbridge Therapy

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.tracytrowbridge.com/

About Tracy Trowbridge Therapy

Tracy is a Yoga Teacher and Remedial Massage Therapist with a goal to help her students to connect with their body and mind. Tracy teaches across the Southampton area and her classes incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practice their own personal form of yoga. Tracy also offers remedial massage including dry needling and acupuncture for musculoskeletal disorders.


When Laura first announced that she was going to train teachers I wasn't sure that I was ready. I did, however, dive deeply into her immersion course. The immersion course opened something in me that I couldn't close. When the course was finished I was disappointed that I hadn't signed up for YTT. Even at that time I wasn't sure that I actually wanted to teach, more that I simply wanted to further my personal practice. But the thing is, whilst Laura fully covers all the practicalities of teaching, she also challenges you to look inside of yourself. And, as they say, what doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you. I came to understand what I loved about yoga and why I kept going back. And if I felt like that, others would too. When you realise how passionate you are about something, you simply have to share it. The training was very much a journey, fully assimilating and living my yoga. I am not sure that covering 200 hours over a shorter time span would have yielded the same results. Everything about the course is considered and well thought out and trainees are actively encouraged to find their voice and personality. This is not cookie cutter YTT.

Lizzie Heath of Lizzie Heath Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LizzieHeathYogaUK

About Lizzie Heath Yoga

Lizzie remembers being bewitched by yoga within the first 5 mins of her first class. She found its benefits were palpable and still are every time she rolls out the mat. Lizzie’s love of yoga totally infuses her teaching as she shares how yoga can affect your daily life to nourish and nurture physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Lizzie has taught classes at Kimbridge Barn near Romsey and at Hounsdown School as well as a twice a weekly online class on Zoom.


Teacher training with Laura has been one of the best things I have ever done (other than meeting my hubby!). It has enriched me and taken me on a journey of discovery I never imagined possible. The teacher training course itself was so enjoyable, rewarding, enriching and hard work. I learned so much about yoga teaching and running my own yoga business, but also about myself. Laura taught me we are never too old to learn & to teach: to be an authentic teacher revealing who we really are; & whatever our personal style of yoga is, there will be a market out there. I pushed my own boundaries, confronted real fears & grew as a person in confidence & depth. I made dear, life-long friendships along the way. Laura has given me numerous opportunities to teach in the community through her vast network of contacts. This has made all the difference to the launch & growth of my yoga business. Laura continues to be a wonderful mentor & role model. I watch. I listen. I learn. She leads by example - in her talent, expertise, ability & generosity, her in-depth & wide knowledge, her genuine love & enthusiasm for yoga, the vast range of yoga class styles she offers, her approachability and genuine unfaltering care for her students and yoga community, her astute business sense, her work ethic. I feel immensely fortunate to have done Laura’s teacher training course & to continue to attend her classes and collaboratives.

Abbie Webster of Abbie Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.facebook.com/abbieyogauk

About Abbie Yoga

Abbie teaches Yoga Classes in Chandlers Ford and on Zoom. Her love of yoga, wellness and travel comes through in her teaching with is fun, challenging and accessible.


Having completed the Yoga Immersion course with Laura I knew I wanted to progress onto the teacher training with a desire to teach yoga. Over the 9 months, covering all aspects of yoga, business and personal growth, I have established a solid foundation to be a yoga teacher full of potential. At times I stepped out of my comfort zone, which was necessary in order for me to learn and grow, and tapped into some deep emotions. Laura's extensive yoga knowledge, enthusiasm and her passion to share throughout the course makes for a thoroughly enjoyable fun learning experience.

Samantha Hale of Well with Samantha

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.wellwithsamantha.com

About Well with Samantha

I teach Yoga and Pilates for the effectives management of chronic-stress via Corporate Wellness Programmes, in-person courses, community practices, custom 1:1’s and day retreats between Selsey, Chichester, and Southsea.


You would think learning to become a Yoga teacher during a Global pandemic wouldn’t be a wise move, especially for someone who'd recently walked away from their corporate career. Yes, we did take our learning online during the first UK lockdown but somehow it wasn’t to our detriment. Laura is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy, and she inspires learning through story-telling, memorable analogies and by ensuring we got stuck in at every available opportunity. When we were able to learn in person again we were invited to beautiful locations where our learning was further supported by additional teachers who shared their own expertise in niche areas. For the duration of this course we were nurtured, encouraged, guided and fully supported by a person who has so much love for what they do, it’s difficult not to come away feeling ready to take on the world! I had never even heard of Laura before starting this course, but I am truly thankful she taught me because I really don’t believe I would have received this quality of education from anyone else. Thank you so much Laura, you’re amazing!

Sarah Stacey of Lunatree Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.lunatreeyoga.com

About Lunatree Yoga

Sarah is passionate about yoga and the many benefits it offers to all, whether physical, mental or spiritual. She is fascinated by how we can improve our health and wellbeing through Yoga and other related modalities. Sarah has been practicing Yoga with intermittent breaks for over twenty years. Her love for Yoga led her to qualify as a Yoga Teacher in 2019. Sarah teaches regularly in Chandler’s Ford, Colden Common and in her workplace.


Although I had been practicing yoga for many years it wasn’t until I attended Laura’s classes that I really ‘found yoga’. From classes I then attended retreats and signed up for the Immersion Course. It was then a natural progression for me to complete my teacher training. The Teacher Training course was excellent. Laura has crafted the course to cover all aspects of yoga teaching. From the physical practice to marketing, yoga philosophy to anatomy. Having guest teachers gave us a different perspective and broadened our knowledge. Yes, the course is intense but it needs to be to produce Yoga Teachers of the highest quality. Laura gives her all to the course and is incredibly supportive, always there to help, even after the course has finished. The feeling of community from the fellow trainees is so valuable and I know we will be lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend this course and feel so lucky to have had Laura as my teacher.

Gemma Young of Gem Yoga And Wellness

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.gemyogaandwellness.co.uk/

About Gem Yoga And Wellness

Yoga came into Gem’s life during her first pregnancy of which she had no clue what she was doing in a pre-natal Kundalini yoga class, but knew she desired to know and do more! Following almost 10 years of guided & self practice, yoga became a lifestyle choice in managing Gem’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. All of which has guided Gem through life situations, like stress, loss, depression, as well as a challenging uni degree and another pregnancy. Gem teaches several classes per week both online and in-person, bringing you a sense of peace and calmness in her restorative bedtime classes, as well as lively, playful, energetic flows which represent the energy and passion she holds towards living life! She also runs a unique online monthly moon membership called ‘The Lunar Alignment Club’ to help cultivate a sense of balance, using the lunar cycles & yoga to achieve this.


Having been a dedicated student of Laura’s for over 7 years, I knew there was no one else I would rather be trained by and this, put simply, is because of Laura’s deep set passion and creativity, and her enthusiasm and desire to share the benefits of yoga with all. I trained and qualified with Laura’s 9 month YTT programme in the very challenging year of 2020. This however, did not stop Laura ensuring myself and all the trainees could continue with little impact to our course. She worked harder than any one I know to make it work, as well as supporting me with mental health issues during my training. Laura is one highly experienced, well-respected, knowledgeable and passionate teacher who I feel truly honoured to be a student and trainee of. She has given me the knowledge and confidence needed to flourish in my own yoga business, so if you want to delve deeply into the core of what yoga means and does for you, and to learn & train from a great leader, then I couldn’t recommend her anymore!! Laura, thank you for constantly inspiring and supporting me.

Becci Hadzi of Becci Hadzi Yoga

Yoga Teacher Hampshire

Website: https://www.beccihadziyoga.com/

About Becci Hadzi Yoga

Becci found yoga (or rather yoga found Becci at exactly the right time) when she finally plucked up the courage to attend her first class with Laura in the hopes it would help with her anxiety. From the moment she stepped into the room, Becci felt like she'd come home. Having fallen in love with the practice, Becci slowly began to feel empowered, nurtured and supported through yoga and the wonderful yogi community. Becci embarked on her Yoga Teacher training journey with Laura in 2019 with a real soul calling to share the magic of yoga with others to help us all feel more grounded, balanced and calm.


There isn't enough space for me to write just how life changing Laura's 200hr Yoga Teacher training is. Laura puts her heart and soul into her offerings, and the 200hr Yoga Teacher training course is no different - in fact I'd say she goes above and beyond for her trainee teachers. She is brimming with knowledge, wisdom and nurturing guidance and wasn't afraid to be honest with us when we needed a gentle nudge in the right direction. Laura helps her trainees discover their individual light in the world as in her words "there are never enough yoga teachers!" First and foremost we're shown how the community of yoga teachers is just that - a community, with no room for competition. You'll make family, not just friends, for life with this course and I will forever be grateful to Laura for the opportunity she gives to student yogis looking to follow their own light. You'll study and learn so much about yoga, share tears from the heart and tears of happiness with your fellow trainees and share copious amounts of cake and before you know it you'll be a qualified yoga teacher - all with a damn good mentor cheering you on throughout.

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