SOPs Yoga Teachers: Business Checklist

SOPs for Yoga Teachers

Whether you teach 1 yoga class alongside another job/raising a family or you have a full schedule of yoga classes, the administration side can be overwhelming, end overwhelm today with SOPs for Yoga Teachers. Streamline and organise the administration of running your yoga classes with Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs. Watch this free video training on ‘Getting Organised with SOPs for Yoga Teachers’ or read below.

SOPs for Yoga Teachers are a great way to make sure that all the little admin, marketing and customer service tasks of managing yoga classes and events are taken care of. An SOP is a checklist of the repeatable tasks and actions that you do. In some ways they are like a to-do list, but rather than having to write out your to-do list weekly, you just pull up the SOP for a specific aspect of your business and start checking off the action.

For instance, if you run a weekly yoga class, think through all the steps you try to remember each week and write them out into a checklist.

Example SOPs for Yoga Teachers

  • Check class is live on the booking system
  • Create your lesson plan and choose your class theme
  • Post on social media about that week’s class theme and invite bookings
  • Send a reminder email 24 hr before to Free First Class students
  • Print off the class register
  • Post class send thank you email to new students and invite them to rebook

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This is quite a simple SOP, but imagine if you were running a Yoga Retreat or Beginners Course your SOP for these would have a few more steps including a 6-week Promotion Plan.

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So get started today and write out those repeatable tasks for the different aspects of your yoga business. For more support and FREE help join our Facebook community The Yoga Teacher Collaborative.