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Realm of Emotions

Journey through the 12 Moons of the Zodiac

12-month course in emotional alchemy. Harness the power of the 12 Full Moons, the life themes of each Zodiac and the alchemy of Tantric Yoga.  

Learn about your own Moon Sign, and how each Full Moon personally relates to placements in your own birth chart.

Live on Zoom + Lifetime  Access to Replays

Starts: 29th Sept 2023 (1 year course)

Emotional Alchemy: Journey through the 12 Moons of the Zodiac

Course Content

The Realm of Emotions

The moon, or candra in Sanskrit, is deeply connected to our emotions. The moon is a reflective celestial body, reflecting the light of the sun back to Earth. The 12 Full Moons of the year are when the moon reflects most brightly, illuminating areas for emotional self-development & reflection.

Each Full Moon has a different energy and sheds a different light. These celestial moments are powerful times to pause and connect with the wisdom of our emotions to guide our lives in soul-based alignment.  

Tantric Yoga

You will be much more familiar with Tantric Yoga than you realise. Most modern yoga from āsana, prāṇāyāma, mudra, and chakra has its roots in Tantra. Tantra teaches us the true value of emotions and how to harness the creative Śakti energy within them. 

Each month we will indulge in beautiful yoga flows, tantric breathwork, energy-clearing meditations, and restorative yoga to harness the specific energy of each moon and other planetary bodies at play. 

The Zodiacs

The Zodiacs are the 12 different signs in Astrology. Astrology originated in Mesopotamia in 3,000 BCE before spreading to India and evolving into Vedic Astrology. Its Western form developed in ancient Greece.

The 12 different signs are like different restaurants, each sign has a different flavour, decor, overall vibe and challenges to the cuisine. With each Full Moon, the moon takes a seat at a different restaurant (aka a different zodiac sign). This brings to light different life themes, emotional needs and challenges to alchemise.  


Your Birth Chart

At first glance, Astrology can seem a simplistic frivolity, especially when looking simply at your 'star sign'. The nuance, depth and true insights reside within your complete Birth Chart and the movements of the celestial bodies each day. Each of the 12 Zodiacs and the themes they represent are present within you and your birth chart. We aren't just 'one star sign'! We are each a reflection of the entire cosmos and every energy within it. With each moon, you'll learn about the symbolism of its ruling planet and how it relates to your specific birth chart.

Your Moon Sign 

Over this course, you'll become more familiar with your Moon Sign which represents your emotional needs, your past, your memories and the unseen aspects of the subconscious and spiritual self.

You'll learn how to interpret the 12 houses of Astrology which will enable you to personalise each full moon to your life at that moment.

This very personalised and bespoke approach to working with the Full Moon is where the deep healing work can occur.   

Live or Replay

I love to share my courses live on Zoom so that we can be in the same energy together but all sessions will be recorded so you can participate in the course any time/day that suits you or repeat the classes with lifetime access to the recordings!

The sessions will be on the nearest Friday to each month's Full Moon. The energy of each moon can be tapped into for around a 5-day period, 2 days before and 2 days after the full moon itself. We begin in September with the Aries Full Moon as Aries is the First Sign of the Zodiac.  


Essential Information


Join Live: Classes 18:30 - 20:00 
Dates: One Friday / month
On-Demand: Take the course at your time with the replays

- Friday 29th September 2023
- Friday 27th October 2023
- Friday 24th November 2023
- Thursday 28th December 2023
- Friday 26th January 2024
- Friday 23rd February 2024
- Friday 22nd March 2024
- Friday 19th April 2024
- Friday 24th May 2024
- Friday 21st June 2024
- Friday 19th July 2024
- Friday 16th August 2024


Live On Zoom
Replay videos will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Who For:

The yoga will be suitable for all levels of experience from curious students to yoga teachers looking for further training in this area.


Course Format:

Monthly 90-minute Workshop, including yoga flow, meditation, breathwork, moon ceremony and astrology talk

Monthly energy forecast, sent directly to your inbox

Introduction to Astrology Workshop

Workbook and guide to interpreting your Birth Chart and Moon Signs

Monthly deep dive worksheet into each Zodiac

4 x recorded meditations for each moon phase

Moon Ritual Guide for each of the moon's phases

Live on Zoom or Replay

Unlimited, lifetime access to the course materials

What's App Laura for support between sessions

Your Teacher

Join me, Laura! I've been practising yoga for 21 years and teaching for 13 years. I am a Senior Yoga Teacher, an Author, a Teacher Trainer, and a trainee Astrologer. Yoga has not only changed my life but completely shaped it! Learning to understand and alchemise my own birth chart has brought me significant healing, growth and insight. Yoga & Astrology together have opened my heart and made me brave, it has healed my back and soothed my soul. This is everything to me and I want to share this gift with you. Your life can be of your making. Let yoga and astrology show you how!


Course Investment

This course is an investment in you, your emotional health and living in soul alignment.

£375 In Full

BONUS: receive a personalised copy of your own birth chart.

£35 / Month

12-month contract commitment

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