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3 Month Mentorship Programme for Yoga Teachers

Congratulations you've done it! You have graduated Yoga Teacher Training! Now What? Time to kick start your Yoga Career. Let me teach you how to turn your passion into a heartfelt and sustainable career. Are you ready to start thinking this way? About having a Yoga Career? About being the CEO of your life and business?

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course Summary is available in a handy PDF document - please click on the link to download.


What to Expect

  • No more feeling like you have to figure it out all alone . . . I’m here for you.  I want you to thrive as a teacher offering amazing sold out classes and bring more and more people to your business.
  • Tons of real, valuable and implementable content to mentor you through both the business and teaching side of yoga.
  • I only take on five teachers at a time so you can be sure you have my full energy and attention.
  • My role as your mentor is to help you clarify your vision as a teacher, establish your authenticity, integrating your knowledge into the classroom and guide you in creating an uplifting experience for students.

Looking for Support as a Yoga Teacher?

Ready to be the CEO of your Life and Career?

If you can dare to dream about being a successful yoga teacher, sharing your passion with full classes, workshops and retreats and maybe even quitting your day job? Then I believe in you, your dream and making it real. If yoga teaches us anything it is to believe in our own potential, to show up, do the work and manifest our hearts' desire.

Fresh from teacher training you want to hone and practise and your craft. To find your voice as a teacher, to spend time planning great classes and intelligent sequences, think through accessible modifications and hunt out inspiring poems and quotes but who are you going to share this with? How do you tell the world you’re here and eager to teach? Where is the time to time to suddenly become a business and marketing expert to get the message out?

Wish you had a Fairy Godmother to hold your hand and guide you through the process of running a business, marketing your classes and help you with all the practical teaching points that weren’t covered on your yoga teacher training? Let’s do this together, let me be your Fairy Godmother.

In this 3 Month Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training / Mentorship Programme to Establish your YOGA Career, I’m going to share tons of real, valuable and implementable content to mentor you through both the business and teaching side of yoga. To teach you how to attract, engage and nurture a loyal community of yoga students through great business advice and skilful teaching.

What You Get

  • 5 x ‘Real World’ Yoga Teaching Modules through workbooks/videos
  • 5 x Yoga Business and Marketing Modules through workbooks/videos
  • 6 x One Hour Skype Calls, 2 / month to strategise and follow up on marketing, business, and teaching points 
  • Play-by-play wrap up delivered via email with action steps, go-to resources and all the strategy you’ll need to get moving
  • Email support between sessions. I’m here for your 24/7 throughout our 3 months together
  • 3 months of unlimited yoga classes and yoga workshops with me at no extra cost to encourage you to stay committed to your personal yoga practice
  • Reading list with 1 required book / month and additional optional books to inspire both your personal and teaching journey

In Addition and If Desired for Local Yoga Teachers

  • Want a progress report? I can attend and participate in one yoga class to observe and advise.
  • Want to learn more? Assist and observe me at yoga classes, workshops and retreats to practise and develop your skills.
  • Want new classes? My schedule is full and on a weekly basis I turn away corporate and private yoga teaching opportunities - I need your help! On successful completion I can refer work your way if applicable.
  • Want to teach for me? On successful completion I would love to invite you to substitute teach and even run short yoga courses under my brand.

Content: The Business Side - What We'll Cover

  • How to market your yoga business in a heartfelt and empowering way: be it a successful paying hobby or a kick arse full-time career.
  • How to create straight forward yet effective marketing strategies.
  • How to build a brand, a logo, design a website, flyers, posters to communicate your message and attract students.
  • How to embrace your uniqueness, identify your ideal students and build your niche so you can truly delight your students and build a loyal following.
  • How to manage the business of yoga like a professional and have consistent, steady income you can count on.
  • How to build and nurture a client list enabling you to grow your business and sell out yoga classes, courses, workshops and retreats.  

Content: The Teaching Side - What We'll Cover

  • How to teach a mixed level yoga class which is accessible for new students yet challenging and engaging for experienced students.
  • How to plan for options and modifications whilst being able to think on your feet and create classes that meet your students where they are, be that fit and healthy, struggling with pain/injury or pregnant.
  • How to create intelligent sequences and lesson plans designed to engage your students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • How to work with themes, peak poses, poems and music to create inspiring and thought-provoking classes, encouraging your students to embrace the teachings of yoga both on and off the mat.
  • How to find your unique voice as a teacher. Learn how to choose your words, tone of voice, rhythm and pitch to uplift, energise, calm and nurture your students. Experience the power of skilful verbal adjustments.
  • The art of assists and adjustments. When to use hands-on assists, how to keep the rest of the class engaged, how to feel and connect through your hands. Learn how to use verbal adjustments, and teach students how to give themselves ‘hands on adjustments’.


"Laura is an amazing and successful teacher, and as soon as I saw the mentorship, I knew working with Laura was exactly what I needed to kick-start my business. Each module in the mentorship contains clear and relevant guidance which you can really put into practice immediately, and they are written in such a way that inspired my own creativity and helped build my confidence as both teacher and business owner.

The coaching sessions were invaluable and Laura was on hand throughout the 3 months to reassure me when I wobbled! Having all the material from the mentorship means I can revisit it at any time I need to throughout my career. Added to this the referrals Laura kindly passed to me, and the introduction to a fantastic local yoga teacher community, the Teacher Mentorship really is worth its weight in gold!" Kate Colvin

Program Cost £750

This 3 Month Programme is specifically designed for Yoga Teacher Training Graduates, New Yoga Teachers or Existing Teachers ready to turn their teaching into a Yoga Career. The 3 Month Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training/Mentorship Programme: £750

Programme includes unlimited classes and workshops with me.

Are you ready to invest in a mentoring relationship that will change the way you teach (and live!)?

Email me today to apply (link at very top of page) for a spot on my 3 Month Post Graduate Yoga Teachers Training/Mentorship Programme. We can arrange a free 20 minute Getting To Know You Skype Call to chat in more detail before committing to this programme. In your email please include the following information and answer the below questions:


- Name
- Email
- Phone
- Your Website (if you have one - no worries if not - I'll help you with this)

1. Where and when did you do your teacher training?

2. How many if any classes are you currently teaching?

3. Roughly how many students are you currently teaching/week?

4. What feels most challenging to you about teaching yoga?

5. How do you feel about the business and marketing side of yoga?

6. What would you like to be different in your teaching, business, or life?

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