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One:One Coaching for Yoga Teachers with Laura

Quick, effective & highly actionable coaching for Yoga Teachers with Laura. Simply book a coaching call for high-value support in your business & teaching. Covering anything from how to attract more students, how to establish yourself in your area, how to run successful retreats, how to stand out with marketing & branding, to more specific teaching methodology such as how to sequence your classes, how to support students with injuries, how to theme your classes. Whatever support you need in your business as a Yoga Teacher, Laura is here to help you flourish. 

What to Expect

  • No more feeling like you have to figure it out all alone . . . I’m here for you.  I want you to thrive as a teacher offering amazing sold out classes and bring more and more people to your business.
  • Tons of real, valuable and implementable content to mentor you through both the business and teaching side of yoga.
  • I only take on five teachers at a time so you can be sure you have my full energy and attention.
  • My role as your mentor is to help you clarify your vision as a teacher, establish your authenticity, integrating your knowledge into the classroom and guide you in creating an uplifting experience for students.

Looking for Support as a Yoga Teacher?

£120 for a 90 Min Coaching Call

These coaching sessions are specifically designed for Yoga Teacher Training Graduates, New Yoga Teachers or Existing Teachers ready to turn their teaching into a Yoga Career. 

Are you ready to invest in a mentoring relationship that will change the way you teach?

Email me today to apply (link at very top of page) to schedule your call. In your email please include the following information and answer the below questions:


- Name
- Email
- Phone
- Your Website (if you have one - no worries if not - I'll help you with this)

1. Where and when did you do your teacher training?

2. How many if any classes are you currently teaching?

3. Roughly how many students are you currently teaching/week?

4. What feels most challenging to you about teaching yoga?

5. How do you feel about the business and marketing side of yoga?

6. What would you like to be different in your teaching, business, or life?

Pay for a Call

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