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Philosophy in Movement 

12-Month Course | One Evening a Month
In-Person or Online (your choice!)

Starts Thursday 26th May (replays available)

~ Explore the teachings of Yoga Philosophy through Movement, Meditation & Mantra

~ Experience the Wisdom of Ancient Spirituality for deeper insight and perspectives on Modern Living

~ Examine your own sense of self & purpose as it relates to universal consciousness


Would you love to learn more about the ancient wisdom of Yoga and how to infuse its teachings into your life?

It makes me so happy to invite you to join me on a unique and heartfelt journey into the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy in this year-long course.

Experience yoga in its fullest sense through asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra recitation, chanting, self-study, reading of sacred texts and discussions.

You'll journey deeper into yourself, your yoga and your spiritual practice.

This course is spread out over a whole year to give you the time to digest, contemplate and integrate the teachings into daily life.

The course will run both in-person, in the Great Libary at Rownhams House Southampton, and online via Zoom, with replays recordings available for all.

The course is suitable for inquisitive practitioners of yoga and also yoga teachers desiring philosophy based yoga CPD. 

'Yoga is a way of life; it is an art, a science, a philosophy' - BKS Iyengar

"Laura is a one-of-a-kind yoga teacher.  She is so passionate about yoga and bringing the most heartfelt classes to her students. She quite literally changes lives when you step into her classes"
~ Becci, Hedge End

In-person or On-line

This course is a journey of self-discovery held within the container of sacred community.

Join Laura in the Great Libary at Rownhams House near Southampton or from your own home via zoom.

Either way, you will feel held within community as together we journey deeper into the fullest experience of yoga.  

All sessions will also be recorded with lifetime access should you not be able to make a Thursday, need to miss a session or simply wish to revisit the teachings.


Go deeper than yoga āsana:

Sacred Texts

Yoga's origins can be traced to northern India over 5,000 years ago. The word yoga was first mentioned in an ancient sacred text called the Rig Veda. The teachings of yoga evolved further in many great works such as the Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutra, the Amṛtasiddhi and the Tantric texts of the Tantra Śāstra.

We go back to these source texts and contemplate the teachings in their most authentic form whilst considering how their wisdom can guide a modern yogi's path.

Mantra & Mythology

The transformative power of words and sound is universal. Just as in Christianity the New Testament proposes that "In the beginning was the Word" the Vedic texts of yoga teach that the world began in the vibrations of Oṁ.

Learn more about the sacred mantras of yoga, the essence of primal sound, and how to use mantras as a tool for transformation and self-mastery.

Be inspired by the different deities, the balance of Shiva and Śakti and how to work with the energies of the deities in a way that respects their sacred lineage. 


What is philosophy if its meaning is not felt?

The teachings of yoga cannot be understood from reading alone; just a chocolate cake cannot be tasted by reading a recipe.

Feel into your body, your inner wisdom and explore the teachings of yoga through movement and yoga āsana.

Experience your āsanas in a new way with knowledge of the mythology behind them.  


Walking Your Path

Looking for the meaning of life and considering how to make the most of own precious life has been part of the human psyche throughout the ages.

In yoga, this is called svadhyaya, study of self. To explore our individual truth and understand the universal truth of pure consciousness is a path to enlightenment.

In our individual truth, we find our dharma, the authentic life path that is ours to walk and the seeds of our karma which are ours to cleanse. 

Spiritual Sādhanā

'Practice and all is coming' is one of the key teachings of yoga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Sādhanā is a personal practice or ritual to start your day which cultivates the loving discipline to walk your personal spiritual path.

Learn how to create your own sādhanā which supports you more fully in living your yoga and following your dharma. 


An important part of this journey is the community that travels with you. 

A satsaṅga is a gathering of a group to engage in discussion and share wisdom with a commitment to explore truth, teachings, spiritual insight and growth.

Together our perspectives and understandings are broadened. Lean into the power of community.

An optional what's app group will continue the discussions outside of our sessions. 


Course Structure:

One evening / month for a year

18:45 - 20:30

Rownhams House, Southampton
Online via Zoom or Replay

~ 12 x evening workshops
~ Optional personal practice assignments & readings
~ Journal
~ Meditation mālā beads
~ Yoga Philosophy Oracle Card Deck
~ Lifetime access to course recordings
~ Reading list

Your Teacher & Guide

I'm Laura and I'll be your guide for this 12-month course. I say guide as really it is the philosophies and the texts that are the teacher brought to life through your own inner reflections and our discussions. 

I've been practising yoga for 20 years and teaching for 12 years. I am a Senior Yoga Teacher, an Author and a Teacher Trainer. Yoga has not only changed my life but completely shaped it! It has brought me courage, joy, compassion, it has opened my heart and made me brave, and soothed my soul.

Yoga philosophy has taught me more about how I wish to live my life than any yoga asana ever has. Yoga is everything to me and I want to share more of its teachings with you. Your life can be of your making. Let yoga show you how!


Philosophy in Movement Course Investment:

Enrolling in a year-long course is an investment in your own life journey.

Invest your time, focus & energy. Commit to the work, commit to the path and change your life through yoga.

If you would prefer to pay by instalments please contact Laura to discuss.


Pay in Full


x 4 instalments
(Pay in 4 monthly instalments) 

What's Included

12 x Monthly workshops
Meditation mālā beads
Yoga philosophy oracle deck
Lifetime access to course recordings
Course materials
Optional personal practice assignments & readings
Reading list



If you would like to book this course please click the book now button below to proceed to the check-out. Our courses sell out quickly, so don't delay. We look forward to welcoming you.

In Person:






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