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Laura Green - A Yoga Teacher in Southampton

Laura Green

Laura Green, is a Yoga Teacher, Founder of Soul Retreats & SoulFest and Director of Laura Green Training & Mentoring based in Hampshire, UK. She leads life inspiring adventures through yoga classes, workshops, yoga teacher training, retreats and festivals. Blending expert yoga tuition with life affirming tools to empower men and women to live the life they want.

Laura teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Restortative Yoga and Yin Yoga with a focus on embodiment through clear alignment and intuitive sequencing. Laura is also a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and weaves this into her teaching. Laura is an inspiring and intuitive yoga teacher who helps people connect with their soul’s longings and courageously step into their strength and the life of their dreams. 

Laura qualified as a Yoga Teacher with the internationally recognised Yoga Alliance in 2010 having studied extensively with both the Yoga Alliance and the British Wheel of Yoga. Laura is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

When not teaching and practising yoga, Laura lives at home in Southampton with her husband Simon and cat Lola. Laura also works as a Classical Harpist playing for Weddings and Celebrations. Her favourite pass time is making Raw Chocolate! 


Laura Green Yoga Ltd, Soul Retreats Ltd, Laura Green Training & Mentoring Ltd

Laura Green Yoga Logo

Laura Green Yoga Ltd - is a Yoga Company owned and run my Laura Green. This company provides Yoga Classes and Yoga Workshops in Southampton, as well as Online Yoga Classes.

Laura Green Yoga Logo

Soul Retreats Ltd - is a Leisure Company owned and run by Laura Green. This company runs Yoga Retreats, Yoga Holidays and Day Retreats in the UK and abroad. In addition, Soul Retreats Ltd runs SoulFest: A Yoga and Lifestyle Festival.  

Laura Green Training & Mentoring Ltd is a business mentoring and career path changing training school founded by Laura Green. The training school runs a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, a 3-month business mentoring programme and a CPD Days for all professionals in the holistic industry.

Laura is a Member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, an organisation promoting and protecting high standards for Yoga Teachers. 

The Team

Laura Green is supported by a wonderful and inspiring team:

Gemma Witcomb - Yoga Teacher

Gemma Witcomb

Gemma teaches on behalf of Laura the Monday 7.30pm Yoga Class in Hedge End. Gemma trained as a yoga teacher in 2009 and has been a student of Laura's since 2011. Gemma loves to guide her students to a deeper appreciation of yoga and themselves. Teaching is her vocation and her life, she has been a dance and drama teacher for 13 years and her experience allows her to understand that each student’s journey is unique and personal. In every class she strives to create a nurturing atmosphere of non-judgment, acceptance and kindness. From personal experience she knows that yoga has the power to heal and renew both body and mind and she truly believes that whatever stage of life or level of experience, every single person can gain immeasurable benefits from regular practice. Her style is dynamic and fluid, as a dancer she loves the freedom and flow of vinyasa yoga, and to find creative ways of linking the postures in a moving meditation, with single pointed focus on the breath. ’It is my belief that through yoga we can find ways to live in a way that is more open, honest and immediate and to truly experience the present moment, what could be a more beneficial antidote to our hectic modern lives than that?’’


Caroline Eyles - Yoga Teacher

Caroline Eyles

Caroline has been practicing yoga since 2004 and did her teacher training with FRYOG. The style of Yoga in her classes varies from a flowing Vinyasa style to Yin Yoga or a more Restorative style of Yoga. Whatever style the class takes it always has a focus on the duality of breath and movement to enhance mindful awareness and connection on all levels of the person. Caroline passionately believes that yoga is for everyone, and her classes are suitable for all abilities, including beginners, as she offers many options and modifications. On and off the mat she brings the qualities of sensitivity, empathy and compassion. Her life journey to yoga began with a career spanning over 20 years as a healthcare researcher and healthcare practitioner. This has enabled a solid grounding in her understanding of health and wellbeing, with a deep intuitive understanding of the way the body responds to yoga, and the way each individual needs to develop their own practice in order to gain the most benefits. An awareness of the fundamental importance of the mind-body relationship sets a context for all her practice.


Michelle Smith - PA Marketing Support

Michelle Smith

Michelle comes from a strong background as a Medical and Corporate PA who was looking for a change of career. After moving to Southampton from Cape Town (via London for 8 years!) Michelle took up the challenge of joining the Laura Green team, looking after social media, marketing and events, as well as deepening her yoga practice with Laura. When not immersed in all things yoga, Michelle loves spending time walking her dogs, cooking and travelling!


Veronique Dumont - Yoga Teacher

Veronique Dumont

Veronique has first truly encountered yoga in 2011, even though she had unknowingly been practicing it for many years previously. Since then, she has established a strong personal practice and has always been interesting in learning more about the philosophy and lifestyle that yoga brings.Primarily trained as an English language teacher, she wanted to change people's lives in a deeper and more spiritual way. Since she had always been interested in learning how to improve her own general health and well-being, she sought a different teaching path. Since then, she has completed her training in Sun power Yoga created by Anne-Marie Newland in London. Her style is combination of 4 traditional styles of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, from which she uses the theory, philosophy and classical Asanas, Iyengar Yoga for alignment and posturing, Sivananda Yoga for subtle mind and breath work and finally, Astanga Yoga is combined for heat, Flexibility And Stamina. Her classes are often very dynamic but fluid. She also includes time for relaxation and pranayama practice (breathing exercises).


Suzanne Fisher - Chef

Suzanne Fisher

Suzanne is The Chef for all UK Yoga Retreats and Laura's mum. Her passion is for healthy & delicious food and she adores sharing this with guests. Much of the food she cooks is home grown at her orchard in Buckinghamshire. Suzanne loves to cater for all diets including Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Sugar Free. Suzanne's caring nature and passion for nourishing people with good food and good company make her the perfect host. The food is such a highlight on all the retreats as Suzanne inspires our guests to re-evaluate their relationships with food showing that delicious food can be nutrious too. 

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