How to Create Your Own Chair Yoga Sequence

If you’re reading this then you have been thinking about teaching Chair Yoga in your local community. Sequencing for a chair yoga class is not that much different from a normal yoga class.

Just like crafting any yoga class, your chair classes are a journey you guide your students on. Students arrive in the midst of life and enter the sanctuary of yoga, a warm embrace of mindful movement, where transformation occurs.                      

Applying the fundamentals of any yoga class you would start with basic body and breath awareness. Allow that to flow to small movements and then gradually expand the parameters of movement until the whole body is involved.

Why Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga works great for this because we start in a seated position that is accessible to a vast majority of students and requires little energetic expenditure. Once the students have focused on the body and breath, we can take the practice wherever we want it to go, choosing the level of intensity that is appropriate for the group or the individual student.

A simple lesson plan formula

This is a simple method for a well-rounded class that can be followed for a 30 min – 60 min class duration.

•          Centre & Connect: Begin in stillness and connect to the breath and the body

•          Warm-Up: Gentle mobilisation for the major joints, and move the spine in all directions

•          Build Strength: Simple exercises for core, arms, shoulders, upper back, quads & glutes

•          Power Poses: The equivalent to standing flows, with warriors, lunges, triangle, etc, can be adapted to stay seated or build to standing variations with the chair or wall for support.

•          Balances: Include in all classes, where possible, using the chair or wall for support

•          Find Flexibility: Add plenty of lovely stretches which release tension and endorphins.

•          Soothe: Gentle poses preparing for savasana, either seated in the chair or for those able supine poses; I love to revisit some of the warm-up asanas so the students can notice the changes in the body from class

•          Rest & Restore: Finding a comfortable, restful position for savasana

Develop Your Knowledge

I hope you feel inspired to share this special practice with your community – adding another level of skill and sharing yoga that is accessible for all. My new book titled “Teaching Chair Yoga”  is a practical guide that will deepen your knowledge, support, and inspire you to share the teachings of Chair yoga safely and effectively. Not only do you receive 10 ready-to-go lesson plans, but this book is the equivalent to a 5-day CPD course!