A Manipura Mindset for Your Yoga Business

Marketing for Yoga Teachers

Mindset is everything when it comes to your Yoga Teaching Career. Our mind shapes our world, what we think is possible, what we dream of, what we say yes to and what we pull back from.

Your mindset can either move you towards your highest purpose or hold you back. Your mindset has the power to turn an obstacle into an opportunity or a permanent road block. But it’s your mind, and you can harness it in service of your best life as a Yoga Teacher.

Teaching yoga isn’t a path we choose. It chooses us. It is a calling to serve. To serve our communities and to also create a life that serves us.  

What does success look like for you as a yoga teacher? Seeing the shift that occurs in your yoga students in a class, the stillness in Savasana, the connection in a group, sustainable class numbers, a self-generated income that looks after you and your family, thousands of followers on social, a book, a podcast?  There are no hidden secrets, no quick tricks, no knowledge you’re missing in creating the Yoga Business of your dreams. There is nothing technically hard about business. So why do some Yoga Teachers succeed and some fail? MINDSET!

Whatever success looks like is up to you, it’s your definition but whatever it is, it’s going to take a little Manipura Mindset.

So what is a Manipura Mindset?

Manipura – is the solar plexus chakra. Associated with the fire element. It is our inner Agni, our fire that drives the engine. This fire can be used to step courageously into our power, to be brave, to know our worth, to go after what we want and to show up to do the work.

Manipura Chakra is the energy of ACTION. And it is Purpose & Action that create success.

Choose a mindset that says yes to action, yes to implementation in your yoga business. Take imperfect action every single day in service of a clear PURPOSE! So what does Manipura Action Look Like!

Keep Moving Forward During Set Backs:

Please know it is not a straight line to success. But an up and down ascent.  We all have good days when everything is moving in the right direction and we’re feeling super motivated, the days it is easy to show up. But then there are the other days and what matters is not what you do on the ups but what you do to pick yourself up when you’re on the downs! When you hit challenges, when things don’t work, when there’s conflict. How do you respond? Do you pull back, get deflated and stop or do you see it as an opportunity to refocus, learn and try again?

Don’t fall for Imposter Syndrome – it’s self-imprisonment!  

I’m going to call it – Imposter Syndrome is a self-limiting beliefs created by you and given a label to make you think it’s normal! Let’s break it down – what does the word Imposter mean? Pretending to be someone else.  Why do people pretend to be someone else? It’s usually because they want to fit in! I don’t want you to fit it, you’re not here to fit in, to adopt a fake personae of the perfect yoga teacher. You’re here to create, to live. Start bravely showing the real you! Yes, some people won’t like the real you and that’s ok! But now you’re being real others will be able to make real connections with you and this is where the life-affirming magic happens! So, ask yourself, when you’re feeling imposter syndrome – who is it that you’re trying to be? Take a breath and know you just need to be you.

Tapas – Take Action in the Right Direction

Do you believe that what you want to achieve is possible? Could 1 hour/day of action in the right direction make it possible? When you don’t want to  – take action. Consistency is key. Showing up. Building relationships. Dedicate 1 hour a day, to do the most productive thing in your business, the thing you are best at – that will GROW your business.

Actively Build Your Audience

A lot of people focus on creating content for social media and email newsletters to nurture their current audience. This is great BUT it’s not going to grow your yoga class numbers. You need to spend time building your audience, which means getting in front of new people! How many new people have you connected with this week? I’m mean real connections with real people. 1:1 chats? Be brave and talk to new people.

Learn More About Business & Marketing

For every yoga course you go on, every yoga book your read also learn more about business and marketing as this is the means through which you get to share your yoga teaching with real yoga students. I would love for you to join the Yoga Teacher Collaborative – a FREE GROUP for Yoga Teachers where I share a 20 min business training each and every week!