3 Essential Steps to Attract New Students to your Yoga Classes

Marketing for Yoga Teachers

Every Yoga Teacher’s number 1 question when it comes to marketing . . . How do I attract new students to my yoga classes, yoga retreats or yoga workshops?

Everyone hopes that the next new marketing trend, social media platform or online course will provide the magic formula for you to fill your yoga classes. BUT, that’s just not how it works – SORRY! You’re the one being marketed to, sold to when you buy into the hype about the next latest craze.

Attracting new students to your yoga classes has got nothing to do with reels, ticktock or facebook ads but the principles behind marketing and understanding buying psychology.  

There are many ways of putting our yoga class offerings in front of potential yoga students, from good old fashioned posters, flyering, attending local groups, having stalls at local fairs and community outreach, to the online world of Facebook group, ads, Instagram, YouTube etc but your marketing won’t work if you don’t understand and implement the 3  essential steps to attracting new students below.

It all comes down to Know, Like & Trust

Now in the world of marketing, this is a very clichéd term. A cliché is a phrase that has been used so many times that it loses its impact but that doesn’t make it any less true. There is a reason this phrase is said so often and that’s because it’s true.  People will only ‘buy’ from you when they Know, Like & Trust you!

But rarely do business owners actually stop and analyse their marketing right from their websites and social media down to posters and flyers – what decisions are you making that consciously cultivate the Know, Like & Trust factor?

Start with You

So think about you – what does it take for you to feel like you Know, Like & Trust someone.  Stop reading this blog for a moment and really ask yourself this. When you meet someone new, what does it take for you to feel like you Know, Like & Trust them.

Now let’s explore this a little more:

To Know You

It is going to take time for someone to get to know you.  You need to spend time cultivating relationships with people. You can’t just stick up one social media post a month, 1 flyer a year and expect new students to take action. Simple things that are essential to let someone get to know you.

Laura Green Yoga
Hi, I’m Laura!
  • Your Name – how can I feel like I know you if I don’t know your name? Especially if you’re using a ‘brand name’ for your yoga business, please make sure your actual name is visible everywhere.
  • Your Face – if I don’t know what you look like, how can I recognise you? If I can’t recognise you, I don’t know you. Stop using stock photography, stop hiding your face in your pictures. On your posters, social, website, flyers, put a photo of you with your face clearly visible. Smile and let me see your eyes. Let me see you!
  • Your Voice – when you can recognise someone just from their voice you feel like you really know them. Now, this might be your spoken voice – in videos on your website, your social or just your tone of voice in your writing. I write like I speak, you can hear that here now – me, Laura, I’m writing talking to you!

To Like You

When you like someone it’s usually because you see something of you in them or you have a shared connection, interest, values or mission. To bond with someone, you have to open up and share a little about yourself. Let me know you. What are your interests, do you have any pets, what are you passionate about?

Now you don’t have to share everything about you. Boundaries are important (see my related posted on Boundaries for Yoga Teachers) so I recommend picking 3 topics that you’re passionate about that you share regularly and consistently. I share my passions for Cats, Travel and my Music (I’m a harpist). If you ask anyone about me, they’ll say, yoga teacher, crazy cat person, goes on amazing adventures and loves music. A great way to do this is through lifestyle photos, videos and sharing other posts from social media accounts that you follow personally.

Laura Green Yoga
This is me playing my Harp at a wedding – feel like you’re getting to know me?

To Trust You

Again this can take time, but an easy way to speed up the process is to help someone. If you go out of your way to help someone they instantly feel like they can trust you. Make time for people, answer questions, respond to all comments on your social posts, be available to people, be open. Make it easy for people to open up and talk to you. Invite questions, have your phone number easily displayed. And demonstrate your knowledge to build credibility. Share educational videos, blog posts. Top tips.

This can all be summed up as:

To attract new students build real relationship with real people focusing on the know, like and trust.

This takes time, there is no quick fix.

1 student at a time to build a sustainable business. It’s simple but requires consistent effort!