Yoga Props for Beginners: What You Need to Know

Yoga Props

What comes to mind when you envision a typical yoga class? You will likely mention a series of complicated poses, tranquil music and general feelings of relaxation. While there is no doubt that all of these observations are true, we need to remember that choosing the right yoga props and equipment can make all of the difference in the world between a pleasant experience and failing to reach your personal goals.

This is why it is a bit unfortunate that yoga equipment is often overlooked. If you hope to get started in the right direction, becoming familiar with some of the basic yoga props is always a good idea. So, what are your options?

Yoga Mats

Yoga Props

Even the strongest of buildings will crumble if they are not affixed to a strong foundation. This is just as true within the world of yoga. Yoga mats are absolutely essential; they offer support, balance and cushioning. The good news is that trusted suppliers are able to offer cheap yoga mats that are able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear.

Yoga Bolsters

Restorative Yoga with Laura Green

Bolsters are cushions that will be used to support your body when performing specific movements. Some poses that may need a bolster in order to remain still and comfortable include:

  • The supported child’s pose
  • The reclined bound angle pose
  • The supported back bend
  • The wide-legged forward bend

While bolsters will often be provided by a gym or your teacher, it is better to purchase your own in order to encounter the most comfortable shape and firmness.

Yoga Straps

Yoga Strap

There are also times when you may need to use one or more belts or straps in yoga. The main purpose of these belts is to provide you with extra reach. One common scenario involves those who may have difficulty holding on to their feet when performing a specific pose. These bands are made of elastic and similarly durable materials. They can also be purchased in a variety of lengths. While some practitioners will prefer to use their own belts, it is wise to purchase a professional band in order to augment your capabilities.

Exercise Balls

Yoga Ball Exercises

The chances are high that you have seen exercise balls in the gym. Did you know that these props can also be used when practicing yoga? There are several advantages of working with an exercise ball. These balls are excellent if you hope to develop core strength while simultaneously increasing your flexibility. There are also times when standing atop one of these balls can be used to improve your balance. Exercise balls come in a variety of sizes and they are constructed from extremely durable materials.

These are only a handful of the numerous yoga props associated. Other accessories include foam blocks used for stretching, meditation pillows and wedges. As always, it is prudent to work with a reputable distributor so that you will be able to encounter quality products at affordable prices. Explore getting started with our Beginners Yoga Courses.