Feeling Wild on my Primal Pro Mat – Kin Yoga Mat Review

Yoga Mat Laura Green

Eco Friendly, Primal Print Design, Non-Slip, Reasonable Price Tag, & Donates to Charity? Surely this mat from Kin Yoga Mats is too good to be true! This is the mat I use for my Zoom Classes and my Morning Warriors!

As a Yoga Teacher, a good yoga mat is an essential piece of kit! There are so many mats on the market that it’s overwhelming and many seem to focus on aesthetics over function so I stick with the basic cheap studio PVC mats, but the eco-credentials of these PVC mats make my heart hurt. PVC mats will never break down – they end up in landfill sites and will remain there leaking toxins into the environment for hundreds of years. I always reconciled this harm by keeping my PVC mats until they are worn through and then find ways to repurpose them.

I’ve tested many of the alternatives, such as the Cork Mats and the Vegan Suede effect mats which have good Eco credentials but I slip and slide all over the place and end up throwing them in a heap in the corner.  When I was approached my Kin Yoga Mats to test their Primal Pro Mat, I thought here we go again and nearly deleted the email straight away BUT as someone who volunteers in Cheetah Conservation, their subtle Cheetah Print on their Primal Pro Mat and the full out gorgeous Printed Cheetah Mat made me take a longer look. Then I learnt that Kin Yoga Mats donate 5% of the profits from their Charity Mats to charities including The Animal Welfare Institute.

So how could I resist? Since the world has been experiencing the Global Pandemic, I have been teaching a lot of yoga online. When I teach in person usually I don’t spend that much time on the mat, I’m standing, watching, cueing my students but now we’re online I’m demoing most of the poses so needing my mat to perform well to support my body.

I’ve got to be honest the Kin Primal Pro Mat, performed perfectly from the beginning. The PVC mats are usually slippery to begin with and need to be broken in, this mat had excellent grip from the beginning. But it’s the cushioning I really love, feels so nice on my knees and wrists during the strong Vinyasa Flows. The top surface is really smooth which feels nice and helps you flow too.

It really ticks all the boxes it promised!

Good Grip – Immediately effective!

Eco Friendly – made from natural rubber

Looks Great – love the subtle Cheetah Print

The Price – £75, this seems far – for the eco-credentials and the performance. It’s also cheaper than similar style mats like Liforme.

Function – it’s got lines on it in strategic places to help with alignment, but that’s not my approach – I prefer freedom over precision in my flows – but the lines are pretty so I don’t mind!

Check out their website and see what you think!