Yoga & Self Care – Asking For Help

When was the last time you asked for help or support?

Through yoga, I have learnt to be strong, independent and capable: my personal Mantra is ‘I’ve Got This’ and this mantra has taken me places I could have never even dreamt of! But last week, I needed to stop, to ask for help and for support. I had to stand up and say ‘I haven’t got this’ – and yes I found that hard to do!
I needed a week to clear some space and halt the overwhelm. Like so many of you I thrive on busyness and my own yoga practise is what keeps me balanced; but after a really busy 7 months I was feeling overwhelmed. A week at home, with lots of yoga, meditation, good food and sleep gave me the self care I needed plus the time to clear much of the To Do list.
I’m so thankful to the wonderful Southampton yoga teachers who stepped in at the last minute to help and support by covering the yoga classes in Southampton, thank you to Linda, Emma, Helen, Kate & Candice.
Laura Green - Yoga Teacher Southampton in Astravakasana - 8 Limb Pose
Laura Green – Yoga Teacher Southampton in Astravakasana – 8 Limb Pose


New Laura Green Yoga Blog

Along with the launch of Laura Green Yoga is starting a regular yoga blog. This is intended to support Laura’s yoga students with weekly yoga posts that explore that week’s yoga class theme in more detail. There will also be other posts on various yoga topics. Any burning yoga questions, then ask Laura and she will provide detailed answers in this blog! Keep reading!