Plan Your Yoga Business with the Moon’s Phases – Moon Business Planner

Moon Business Planner

Ever thought about having a Moon Business Planner for your Yoga Business? As a Yoga Teacher, how do you create plans and strategies for your yoga business?

My guess is you probably don’t! After all, as Yoga Teachers, our passion is yoga and that’s where we focus our attention. Lesson planning, creating sequences, connecting with our students and guiding yoga. I bet you didn’t get into Teaching Yoga to create marketing plans and business strategies! But . . .

You do need to attract new yoga students to share your passion for yoga with! You do need to create yoga offerings be theses class, workshops, retreats and you do need a plan for how to market these offerings and this my loves is what a business planning is all about!

Having strategic plans for your yoga business is also a great way to avoid overwhelm as you know what you’re doing and when. Good business takes patience and consistency a plan keep you on track with this!

I love to live in harmony with the moon’s phases and plan to harness the moon’s energy by using my Moon Phase Business Planner. As we all know, everything is cyclical and working in alignment with the moon can really help sustain energy and momentum in your business.

Think of it like the Moons Phases:

New Moon

Draw in, reflect and daydream about new ideas/offerings/growth in your business.

Waxing Moon

Take action behind the scenes, plan out the content, write your marketing, create your graphics, prepare your lesson plans, update your website.

Full Moon

It’s time to shine, launch your classes/workshops. Be really visible on social media, do your IG and Facebook Lives. Let the brilliance of the moon illuminate your offering.

Waning Moon

Drawback from public view a little and focus on your actual clients, give them your focus and delight them with your offerings.

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