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Marketing for Yoga Teachers

When we come to our mat so often we hear the words “switching off” and that’s the magic of yoga, it gives us the time, space and permission to do just that. To move from being busy to mindful. From fast paced to slow and measured. However, as a yoga teacher, we need students to connect with us and come to our classes and other offerings, so being “Present” online is a matter of course.

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, “Multiple studies confirm that consumers report using the Internet first (80% of the time) when they need a new product or service.”

Google is the 21st century yellow pages. Any time I want to find out something, or find a product or service, my go to solution is pulling up Google Search. Before I even think about making a call to enquire about the product or service, I first find out as much about you as I can, either through your website, if you have clickable links to Facebook or Instagram.  So if you haven’t set yourself online yet, see my quick step guide below to getting started and building your online presence.

Creating your own website

There are many free sites available to you to set up your own website. Check out Squarespace  or Wix

Having a simple website with your details, sign up to newsletter options, contact and about details is all you need to get started. As you have more time and money to invest you can start to fluff out your website.

Google Business Listing

Google for business has two main objectives:

  • help business owners increase their online visibility.
  • help people find and review businesses in their local area.

It’s quite possibly the most comprehensive and accessible business directory ever created.
Anyone using a Google search function which Google determines to have local area intent, such as ‘yoga teachers Southampton’ or ‘chiropractor Winchester’, links to 3 Google My Business listings will be displayed below a map of the local area.  When clicking on a business’s Google My Business listing, people can see the following:

  • The business’s name, address and phone number.
  • The business’s location on a map.
  • The business’s opening hours.
  • A link to the business’s website.
  • Photos related to the business.
  • Reviews of the business left by previous customers.
  • A rating out of 5 for the business (based on scores given by previous customers).

If you haven’t yet added your business to the Google Business listing, I suggest you visit the Create Page and look for the option to create a Google+ Page and get started! Follow the wizard (it’s much like Facebook’s Pagewizard), and choose the most appropriate option to classify your business. You’ll be able to select from the following options: Local Business or Place.

Facebook Business Account

This one is an easy win, who Doesn’t have Facebook these days. Make sure to set up an account that is separate from your personal Facebook account, and that isn’t a group. There is limited functionality using a personal account or group.

From your Facebook profile page, click the Pages header in the left-side navigation. Or head over here Create a Page.  Next, click the Create a Page button, and select the type of page. You’ll see a number of fields to fill out, such as your business category, name, and address.

Engage your followers with information about your class schedules, what’s on, and fun pictures of workshops or offers you have running. Think about how to engage your audience, and how to interact with them. Facebooks algorithm works in such a way that the more Likes and shares you have the more visible your content will be in a subscribers news feed.


Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users, less competition and a more engaged audience than other social media giants like Facebook or Twitter

Head over to  Instagram to get started! Having quality photos, and relevant #Hashtags will raise your profile. Go check out people who inspire you, who have a huge following and see what they are doing. Is it photos, video or what hashtags they are using. The more likes you have to your post, the more you will raise your profile and presence.  Be creative, Instagram is more about selling a lifestyle rather than a product.

Tip: Use your personal work email address. Assuming you save your clients email addresses, clients have your address saved in their phones or have their email connected to their address books. So, when one of your contacts uses Instagram’s “Find Friends” feature, you should show up on that list. Therefore, your direct work email address will get you the most hits


Using Twitter is an easy quick way to market yourself. Limited to 140 characters per tweet you have to be word savvy, but it’s also a great way to establish yourself in your field with fun bursts of knowledge, tips or offerings. Click here to set up a free account and get tweeting!


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and 1 billion people visit YouTube each month. Marketing your business on YouTube will help you get found on google due to Google Search function. Videos, images, news, books and local searches are combined together in Google’s search results. If you enjoy being creative in front of a camera then perhaps YouTube is another platform to extend your creative content. Youtube is owned by Google, so any google search will also bring your video !

Tip: Don’t forget to also include call-to-actions inside your videos, with annotations that link to:

  • Other videos
  • Content on your website
  • Email auto-responder series
  • Products and services on offer

You can use a Brand Account to create a channel that has a different name but that’s still managed from your Google Account. Learn more about about Brand Accounts.

Snap Chat

Snap Chat has two very useful functions.

  • Story telling
  • Providing value added content, with helpful information, hints and tips.

Using the video function you can give your audience great insight to yourself and your business. Consumers buy from trusted businesses and using snapchat as a platform to engage your clients is an easy way to engage them. Remember, using social media is about selling a lifestyle.

I’ve linked two useful articles below, the first is, what is the point of snapchat anyway and how does it work?

And this one is a very handy guide to see if Snapchat is going to add value to your business.

Download the app on your phone and get started.


OK, so you might be thinking, NOT ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA website.

However, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform with over 75 billion ideas and 10 million unique visitors. Sharing, liking and commenting on users pins is an easy way to increase your visibility on the net. Linking your blog or website photos to Pinterest creates an easy cross platform access for various users. Use Canva, or any other collage maker to create fun and informative picture pins.

Visit website to get started.

Below is a list of Yoga websites for advertising your services. These pages get a lot of traffic, some of them are free to use, however it’s worth considering investing in a monthly subscription.

Yoga Near By

Find yoga classes, workshops and holidays all over the world.

It’s FREE to join

  • Add all your yoga classes
  • Add your yoga workshops and holidays
  • Upload your yoga images

Visite website to get started.

Yoga Hub

Yoga Hub is an online community for Yoga, its also an online directory of Yoga Teachers, Yoga Classes and Yoga Courses.

Visit website to get started.

Yoga Classes Near You

Find A Local Yoga Class Near You

Our yoga class search allows you to access a database of thousands of yoga classes all run by qualified yoga teachers in local venues, yoga studios, health clubs and spas around the UK.

Visit website to get started.

Yoga Trail

YogaTrail is where yoga providers can communicate with their students and keep them in the loop about classes, workshops, news, and events.

Yogis: simply follow your yoga providers to get all their classes in one simple place. No more scouring tons of websites and Facebook pages for schedule info!

Yoga Teacher? Studio owner? Join YogaTrail. It’s free.

Visit website to get started.

Yoga Village UK

The aim of the Yoga Village UK website is to use the wonderful potential of the internet to put yoga people in the UK in touch with each other – internet interactions hopefully leading to fruitful meetings and enlightening student-teacher relationships and friendships.

Visit website to get started.

Annual Fee £35

Independent Yoga Network

In 2004, a number of independently-minded teacher trainers in the UK decided to get together and offer a creative response to the fitness industry’s ill-informed attempt to define acceptable Yoga training.

Visit website to get started.

Yoga Finder

A business listing site for classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training.

Visit website to get started.

Subscription from $23

Be seen in local Google searches. 84% of Yell customers say helps their business to be found on Google. Adding your business to is the first step to appearing in your local Yellow Pages – the UK’s leading print directory found in over 76% of UK homes

Visit website to get started.