Why I Go on Yoga Retreats?

Every year I make it a priority to get away, ideally on my own and retreat. It can be a long weekend in the UK (usually to the beach in Eastbourne) or if I’m lucky a far far away land! This time last year I spent two weeks on a lake in Thailand, with the closet mobile phone reception a 2 hour boat ride away. The venue’s slogon was ‘somewhere in the middle of nowhere’ and that really summed it up. I spent most of this precious retreat time, being quiet, still, slow and reflective; nourishing my body and mind with great food, lots of yoga and lots and lots of space. Being on a retreat is space to just be, no ‘TO DO LIST’, nothing to accomplish and no expectations. We spend so much of our life living up to labels which get stuck to us through our jobs, our family relationships and other people’s perceptions of us; going on a retreat is a way of removing these labels and spending time with our true self-free to just be. This can be liberating, this can be daunting but it is always precious. I’ve booked my retreat time for this year and am heading off on my own to Tobago over Easter adding some much needed sunshine to my retreat needs.

I feel so truly honoured to have been able to lead two weekend yoga retreats last year; to have been able to hold the space for people to experience the nourishing and healing effects of retreating, even if just for 48 hours. I’m running three weekend retreats this year at the beautiful Brooklands Barn in Arundel, the March retreat is almost fully booked with just a few spots left and I’m already taking bookings for the August retreat (8th – 10th). There is more information here. Join us, I would love to share the amazing experience of retreating with you!