Yoga Mat – Review

Yoga Hedge EndThinking about buying a new yoga mat? I get asked my opinion regularly on what type of yoga mat to buy and to be honest there is no one size fits all. There are so many different mats on the market, with different thickness and textures much of which comes down to personal preference as well as a huge price range from mats as cheap as £4 and some that cost well over £100 (but who really needs their yoga mat to come with Swarovski crystals??).

At present I’ve been using an Argos Pro Fitness Yoga Mat that came as part of their Pro Fitness Yoga and Pilates Set, which also includes a small fit ball, two weights and two stretch bands. A fairly cheap and cheerful set at £24.99 but you know what it does the job! The mat is super cute in baby blue with pretty little butterflies and foliage on it and to my surprise it was really pretty grippie. When you get a new yoga mat they usually always have to be broken in as they come with a slippery film on them which does go after a few uses but is really annoying the first few times you use the mat. This mat wasn’t slippery at all but it did have quite a smell of plastic which I’m sure this will soon fade.

Yoga SouthamptonAlthough a fit ball is not a standard prop that you would use in a yoga class, I’ve been it to help me develop the strength and feel the technique to press up into a yoga handstand which is all about core strength and lifting the hips up. This Pro Fit Ball is quite small which makes it even harder work and really makes me activate my core when I do my fit ball handstand preparation.

Fancy a new mat? Yoga mats are available here. I look forward to seeing you at a yoga class in Southampton with your new mat.