Step by Step Guide to Sell Out Your Yoga Retreats & Yoga Workshops

Do you dream of running yoga retreats and hosting yoga workshops? Would you LOVE sold out events with students you adore teaching?

Hosting yoga events for your students is a wonderful way to grow and expand as a Yoga Teacher and great opportunity for your students to explore more the teachings of yoga.  

So, what is the secret to sold out yoga retreats and waitlisted yoga workshops?

Is it finding the perfect venue? Collaborating with other teachers? Listing your yoga events on retreat websites?

Nope. It’s simply having a strategy you can follow to communicate what your event is, who it’s for and how someone will benefit from attending it. Then implementing this strategy with another lead time.

Here is my tried and tested 7 step road map to selling out your yoga retreats and workshops. I have followed my method for over a decade selling out over 400 yoga workshops and retreats in the UK and worldwide! If you fancy joining me on retreat – see the yoga retreat calendar here.

Download your FREE Roadmap to Sold Out Yoga Events & Retreats

If you are ready to tap into the power of your teaching and draw more students to your yoga retreats and courses, I encourage you to take this roadmap I am about to share with you and put it into practice straight away. If you want 1:1  help check out my private yoga teacher coaching calls here.

Want to know what will consistently draw students to your offerings and leave you with sold out events?

Create something that your ideal student will love, need and rave about!

We as teachers can often develop a retreat or course that we want to create, rather than considering if it is a good fit for our yoga students. Yes, our ideas might be innovative and exciting for us, but it may not be what your students need.

Often what our students need is a lot less than we anticipate. Remember you have hundreds of hours of yoga teacher training under your belt. Your students do not. You don’t necessarily need to deliver all the bells and whistles, you just need to create something that addresses what your students are most interested in learning about.

Your students can’t wait to hear about your retreats and courses, so put the fear to one side and start here!