Headstand Challenge – Embrace Possibility

Yoga HeadstandThe Yoga Headstand (Sirsasana) is cited by many as being the King Yoga Pose! This month I invite you to join me in the Headstand Challenge! Don’t think you can do it, you can trust me!

The Challenge: I will email you one short free video every two weeks instructing you through the stages of building a strong, safe and supported headstand as well as video to help you build up your strength to hold a headstand away from the wall. Slow and steady when you’ve mastered it and either shown me when attending one of my Southampton Yoga classes or send me a photo, your reward is a free yoga class either in person or if you’re not local a free online class.

Sign Up: You can sign up and join the challenge at any time and you have as long as you want to complete it! But you will need to sign up by emailing me so that I know to send you the videos.

The Why: As B.K.S. Iyengar says in his section on Headstand in Light on Yoga, “The best way to overcome fear is to face with equanimity the situation of which one is afraid.” The list of benefits for doing a headstand is impressive from improved immune system, stress relief, helping to relieve the symptoms of menopause, therapeutic for asthma, infertility, insomnia and the list goes on! But you know what Headstand can be scary; it literally turns your world upside down. A lot of people understandably freak out about the idea of standing on their heads and are worried about their necks. Yes, if you planning on balancing the whole weight of your body with your neck this is going to be bad! Which is why we have the forearms down on the ground as 90-95% of your weight in Headstand is supported by your arms and shoulders. This is going to take some strength, practise, patience and humility. If you haven’t done a yoga headstand before, a rough guide is around 6 months focused practise to be able to do it.

You in??? In 4 months time I’m leading an intermediate to advanced class on Inversions such as headstand, so start the challenge now and then we can refine it at this class. Remember to let me know that you in so I can send you the videos. I’ll see you at a yoga class in Southampton.


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