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Need some renewed focus and motivation this September?

I’ve got just the thing, introducing the ‘60 Sun Salutes Charity Challenge’, in partnership with Solent Mind & supported by the whole Laura Green Yoga Family of Teachers. This is a great opportunity to get fit, get focused and fundraise to support positive mental health.

Our Goal is to raise £3,000 for Solent Mind, a tall order but as they say ‘don’t aim low you’ll miss the mark, aim high and you’ll be on the threshold of bliss’ BKS Iyengar. To hit our mark we need 100 people to participate in this challenge so please join today and encourage your yoga buddies to join with you! Read on for details:

Yoga Sun Salute Southampton Surya Namaskar


Your challenge is to join with 100 other yogis on Saturday 14th October and be guided through 60 Surya Namaskaras aka Sun Salutes. The Sun Salutes will be broken down into rounds of 10, each round being guided by one of the Laura Green Yoga family of teachers. But it’s not just about 1 day:

6 Week Training Programme:

The 60 Sun Salute Charity Challenge also includes a 6 Week Training Programme which you can join anytime from the 4th September – 13th October to build your physical and mental strength and train to complete 60 Sun Salute Challenge.


60 Sun Salute Charity Challenge Event: Saturday 14th October 2017

Time: 13:30 -15:30

Venue: Richard Taunton’s College, Southampton


The Laura Green Yoga community is committed to a strong yoga practice which supports mental health. We invite you to partake in this challenge to help you get fit, focused and fundraise for a good cause. Experience for yourself how a yoga practice can help to ease stress and anxiety and improve mental health and well being.

About Solent Mind:

Solent Mind supports over 12,000 people each year in Hampshire. They provide information, guidance, advice, and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem in Hampshire. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. They refuse to give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

What’s Involved in the 6 Week Training Programme:

To train your body, mind and soul for this challenge:

  • Collect a 60 Sun Salutes Training Tracker card available at class from 4th Sept to keep a track of the classes you attend and receive rewards and incentives to help motivate you.
  • Attend as many yoga classes as possible each week with the Laura Green Yoga Family of Teachers to increase your strength, stamina & learn more about the ancient sequence Surya Namaskara.
  • Commit (try really hard!) to complete 6 Sun Salutes daily, a new video will be available weekly on Facebook and YouTube to guide you through.
  • Watch the weekly 60 seconds interview with Laura Green Yoga Family of Teachers to get the know your challenge hosts better.
  • Book out the challenge event date in your diary Saturday 14th October 13:30. If you can’t make this date of venue, the challenge will also be filmed so you can do it at home!

Challenge Hosts:

This programme is hosted by Laura Green Yoga and the full family of Laura Green Yoga Teachers:

Laura Green Yoga Teachers Southampton

Join the challenge today for a £30 donation, all money raised  goes directly to Solent Mind.

Email laura@lauragreenyoga.co.uk to sign up for this challenge and you’ll be emailed a Just Giving link to donate.

Get Fit, Focus your Mind, Fundraise for Charity



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