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Thrive Teaching
In-Person Yoga

4-day Free Training To Renew Your Confidence & Revive Your Teaching 

30th April  - 3rd May

Live & Online with Laura Green


Are you feeling daunted about resuming in-person yoga?

Would you like to renew your confidence & learn how to thrive?

Whether you've been teaching on Zoom, trained to teach online during the pandemic or put your classes on hold - things are about to change!

Change is an opportunity waiting to be seized, change is growth, change is your chance to craft the Yoga Offerings that best suit you and the students you are destined to serve. 

It's time to refocus, rework your priorities and take charge of what YOU need as a Yoga Teacher to thrive again - to keep spreading that light because it matters more than ever before!

Join me for a 4-day FREE Business Training where I'll teach you how to thrive with in-person yoga classes.

This 4-Day Free Business Training is hosted in the Yoga Teacher Collaborative Facebook Group - a wonderful community that supports Yoga Teachers to THRIVE!

I'll teach you how to craft & market your in-person yoga offerings to your ideal students through live 30 mins coaching calls each day and an extensive course workbook. I'll be live at 9:30 am inside the group so you can do this training first thing and then get on with enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Come join this free 4-day training and create a clear plan for your in-person yoga.

Give me just 30 minutes/day for 4 days and I will you ready to Thrive with in-person yoga.

It's Time for 
You to Thrive

Take a moment to pause and choose the path you want to create for yourself. In-Person Yoga is on its way but Online Yoga will never go away, you can now create anything your heart desires! 

Day 1
Your Space

Explore how to find the right venue and how to carve out your space in local areas that 'appear' to be saturated. Learn about demographics and psychographics to understand the space you're in. 


Day 2
Your People

Yoga is for everyone but you can't serve everyone in one class. Let's work out who is available for the time/space/focus of your class, and how to create in-person yoga offerings just for them! 


Day 3 
Your Marketing

Marketing is simple, it's not about reels or Tik Tok or anything complicated, it's about having real conversations with real people creating real relationships. Create a plan to build your audience with heart! 

Day 4
Covid Secure

Let me guide you through it step by step. All the rules, regulations and requirements for setting up in-person class which are covid safe and customer friendly! 

Bonus Teaching

A bonus Q&A session on Zoom for all your teaching questions. Whether you want to talk sequencing, voice & language, use of props, how to theme a class, this is your chance! 


Essential Information


30th April - 3rd May 
9:30am or catch up with replays


Group training & coaching calls are live inside The Yoga Teacher Collaborative Facebook Group which will stay live till 9th May.



Join me, Laura!

I've been practising yoga for 20 years and teaching for 11 years. I am a Senior Yoga Teacher, an Author, a Teacher Trainer and Business Mentor for Yoga Teachers. My vision is to see Yoga Teachers thriving and empowered to share their unique gifts with the world. I love nothing more than to facilitate community and collaboration between teachers.



Course Investment

Just 30 mins each day of the Bank Holiday Weekend to bring you focus and clarity for the return of In-Person Yoga. Join the Group, set a reminder on your phone for 9:30am each day and grab a pen and paper!


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