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Would you like to make a change in 2022? To finally learn how to thrive as a Yoga Teacher through heartfelt marketing, customer service and strategy?

I've been a full-time Yoga Teacher for over a decade and I want you to know that not only it is possible to survive as a Yoga Teacher but that you can THRIVE with a sustainable and profitable business that fulfils you emotionally and spiritually too!

Yoga changes people's lives yet yoga teachers are struggling to make a living or are getting burned out and emotionally drained. It doesn't have to be this way. As a yoga teacher, you can be well rewarded spiritually, emotionally and financially for the work you do. But this requires a holistic approach. You have to embrace the understanding that you are running a business. A business with heart and soul and also strategy, systems and planning.

Over the 4-days I'll teach you how to craft & market your yoga offerings to your ideal students through live 30 mins coaching calls each day and an extensive course workbook. Our sessions will be live at 3pm GMT / 7am PST / 4pm CET each day on Zoom and also recorded with replays sent to you automatically! 

So what does it take to THRIVE?

A love of yoga and a deep desire to help people yes BUT ALSO . . . 

A willingness to learn HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!

In this FREE Business Summit for Yoga Teachers, I will teach you my Step-By-Step Method for creating a Sustainable and Profitable Yoga Business.

I have taught this exact method to over 900 other Yoga Teachers and I can tell you one thing for certain - IT WORKS

Oh and one more thing . . .

It's not all about Social Media! You won't find me pointing and dancing on a reel anytime soon! 

Join me for this 4-day FREE Business Summit where I'll teach you how to thrive in 2022.

This 4-Day Free Business Summit is hosted live on Zoom so you can ask questions, get bespoke answers to your specific situations and really feel the support of our amazing community. The after-party, accountability and ongoing support is inside the Yoga Teacher Collaborative Facebook Group - a wonderful community that supports Yoga Teachers to THRIVE!

Come, take my hand and together let's make you a clear plan for 2022.

Give me just 30 minutes/day for 4 days and you'll be ready to Thrive

It's Time for 
You to Thrive

Take a moment to pause and choose the path you want to create for yourself. Reflect on what worked in 2021 and create a plan and strategy for 2022 that aligns with your true purpose as a teacher. 

Day 1

To move forward, it is worth looking back and reflecting on what has been, celebrating your wins, learning from what worked well and identifying what didn't work for you.


Day 2

Is your life by design or by accident? Are dreams just dreams or are they in fact your soul showing you the way? We'll dive deep into your dreams, identify your dream students and soul's divine mission


Day 3 

You don't have to look at what has already been done, instead look into your heart, dream and create. Anything is possible, let's design offerings from your heart and creative soul. 

Day 4

Most dreams stay as dreams because people don't break them down into steps. Let's create an action plan, for marketing your offerings and building a loyal following for years to come.

Day 5 Bonus Soul Coaching

A chance for 1 person to receive a 1-1 Soul Courage Business Coaching Call with me, this will be live so that everyone can benefit from the ah-ha moments and the deep dive!


Essential Information


Sun 19th - Wed 22nd December 2021 
15:00 GMT / 07:00 PST / 16:00 CET or catch up with replays


Group training & coaching calls are live on Zoom - link and workbook will be emailed to you.

Further support & accountability inside The Yoga Teacher Collaborative Facebook Group

 Replays are emailed out automatically and are available until 10th January


Hi, I'm Laura

I've been practising yoga for 20 years and teaching for 11 years. I am a Senior Yoga Teacher, an Author, a Teacher Trainer and Business Mentor for Yoga Teachers. My vision is to see Yoga Teachers thriving and empowered to share their unique gifts with the world. I love nothing more than to facilitate community and collaboration between teachers.

I run a 12-week Group Mentorship Programme for Yoga Teachers to take you from Striving to Thriving, next enrolling in January 2022.

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