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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: 150 Hours

Dive deeper into the ancient teachings of yoga, explore the relationship to modern science,  connect to the subtle body and elevate your teaching skills with our 10-month advanced teacher training course.

Apply Now: July 2022 - April 2023

Southampton, Hampshire


Take Your Yoga Teaching to the Next Level

Join Laura Green and a faculty of experts in their field, for a 10-month Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course in Southampton, Hampshire.

Combining ancient teachings of philosophy, history, and culture with contemporary knowledge of anatomy, psychology and teaching skills across 6 different modules.

You'll journey deeper into yourself, your yoga and your spiritual practice as well as truly stepping into your light as an embodied, intuitive and authentic teacher.

Our ethos is simple, to empower every teacher with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be of service in their community and honour the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Do you desire to step more fully into your light? To become more of you? And truly serve as an embodied, authentic and intuitive teacher?

Community, Connection & Collaboration: Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

"Training with Laura is a deep journey of personal discovery and exploration. Laura’s attention to detail and willingness to share her personal experience, wisdom and broad knowledge base was inspiring and her support and encouragement of all her students invaluable." Sharon McKinnon, Psychologist and Yoga Teacher Hampshire

In-person & in real life 

This course is a journey of self-discovery, it's truly experiential and dedicated to the highest standards of teaching and is held within the powerful container of in-person community gatherings in Hampshire.

All modules are condensed into a series of long weekends spread out over a 10-month period so that participants can travel down to Hampshire and stay in nearby hotels and take time of work if needed.

Module 4, the Spiritual Sadhana, is held online as this is a daily practice.

Our course is hosted mainly at Wisdom House in Romsey, a stunning location with its own Labyrinth and also at Rownhams House, an old stately home.


Yoga Teacher Training Course Content

Module 1:
Subtle Energy Body

Day 1: Awakening Prana: The Nadis, The Chakra System and The Pancha Mahabhutas

Day 2:  Moving Prana: The Pancha Vayus, Mantra & Chanting

Day 3: The Depths of Prana: Pancha Koshas, Anatomy of the Soul, Mudra & Meditation

Teachers: 70% with Laura Green and 30% with Lauren Gray

Module 2:
Yoga as Medicine

Day 1: The Power of Breath, Transformative Breathing Practises and Advanced Pranayama with Laura

Day 2: The Endocrine system, The Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory with Laura

Day 3: Women's Health - understanding, teaching and communicating effectively through various life stages (fertility, pregnancy, postnatal. perimenopause and menopause) with Gemma Witcomb.

Module 3:
Anatomy & Movement

Day 1: Understanding Fascia, Moving through Myofascial Lines &  incorporating Myofascial Release with Laura Green

Day 2 – 4: Anatomy & Functional Movement of the Shoulders, Hips, The Spine, The Back, the Core and the Pelvic Floor with Laura Green & Gemma Witcomb

Bonus: Home study introduction to the basics of anatomy. 


Module 4:
Spiritual Sadhana

11 days of personal spiritual practice held and guided within our Satsang via zoom.

As we join together for 20 mins / day to deepen our spiritual practice through Puja, Japa Meditation and Chanting. Drawing on a different deity each day to inspire a deeper understanding of the Hindu Deities.

Co-taught by Laura Green, Sunitha Narayan and Lauren Gray. 

Module 5:
Philosophy & History 

Day 1: The History of Yoga, Colonialism, exploration of The Bhagavad Gita & Honouring Yoga’s Lineage, Co taught by Laura Green and Sunitha Narayan.

Day 2: The Yoga Sutras, The Tantric Texts and Hatha Yoga's roots in Tantra with Laura Green. 

Module 6:
Embodied Leadership 

Day 1: Liberating your voice, Refining Sanskrit, Chanting, Kirtan and Power of Language

Day 2: Inclusivity, Diversity, Accessible Yoga and Chair Yoga

Day 3: Alchemy of touch, Thai massage for yoga teachers, Conscious Consensual Assists. 

Day 4: The Art & Science of Sequencing, Unleash your Creative Soul 

Day 5: Intuitive Embodied Leadership


Course Dates:

Module 1: Subtle Energy Body (3 days)
Fri 29th July - Sun 31st July 2022

Module 2: Yoga as Medicine (3 days)
Thurs 8th Sept - Sat 10th Sept 2022


Module 3: Anatomy & Functional Movement (4 days)
Thurs 20th Oct - Sun 23rd Oct 2022


Module 4: Spiritual Sadhana (online 11 days)
20 mins / day 14th - 24th Nov 2022


Module 5: Philosophy, History & Culture ( 2 days)
Sat 7th Jan - Sun 8th Jan 2023


Module 6: Embodied Leadership (5 days)
Sat 11th Mar - Sun 12th Mar 2023 
Fri 14th Apr - Sun 16th Apr 2023



A typical day at Yoga Teacher Training School

09:30: Opening Circle

10:00: Energy Acitivation & Pranayama

10:30: Exploratory & interactive lectures/workshops

11:45: Embodiment practices, yoga & movement

13:00 Lunch break

13:45: Exploratory & interactive lectures/workshops

15:15: Embodiment practices, yoga & movement

17:15: Closing Circle, guided reflection & assimilation

17:30: Finish 

Advanced YTT Course Structure:

When: July 2022 - April 2023, 09:30 - 17:30

Where: Held across 3 different venues:

Wisdom House, Romsey, Southampton
Rownhams House, Southampton
Chilworth Village Hall, Southampton.

Online Sadhana: 14th – 24th November
20 mins a day on zoom 06:30am (replay if needed)

150 Hours (140 contact hours and 10+ hours home study)

Recomended reading and Homestudy

~ A 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Qualification
~ 1+ year experience of teaching yoga

"There isn't enough space for me to write just how life-changing training with Laura is. Laura puts her heart and soul into her offerings. She is brimming with knowledge, wisdom and nurturing guidance and wasn't afraid to be honest with us when we needed a gentle nudge in the right direction. Laura helps her trainees discover their individual light in the world. You'll make family, not just friends, for life with this course and I will forever be grateful to Laura for the opportunity she gives to student yogis looking to follow their own light." Becci Hadzi, Yoga Teacher, Hampshire

Guest Teachers & Lecturers

One of the truly special things about Laura Green’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course is that it features a faculty of guest teachers who are true experts in their field. By drawing on the inspiration of community and collaboration you'll get to learn from a much broader spectrum of experience, insight and wisdom. As the Senior Yoga Teacher and accredited Teacher Trainer Laura will teach 70% of the course. 

While the majority of your classes will come from Laura, you will also learn from:


Gemma Witcomb

Gemma is a yoga teacher with a passion for anatomy and female health. With a background in education and an exceptional knowledge of the body, she is the perfect person to make both theory and practical learning accessible and engaging.

Lauren Gray

Lauren is our meditation and mindfulness teacher; a calming, creative soul who is passionate about bringing joy and tranquillity to the world.

Lauren will also be co-hosting the spiritual sadhana and the alchemy of touch module. 

Sunitha Narayan

Sunitha is a yoga teacher and physiotherapist who grew up in India, immersed in the traditions and practices of Indian Vedic culture. 

She passionately shares her understanding of Hindu deities and practices in a way accessible to the modern yogi.


I'm Laura & I'm right here by your side & doing this WITH you.

I’m Laura and I'm a full-time yoga teacher in Southampton, UK. I have been running my business offering yoga classes, retreats, a 200hr teacher training and teacher mentorship programme for over twelve years. I started teaching yoga simply for the love of it alongside my regular job, but soon my classes were well enough attended that I was able to quit the 9-5 and become a full-time yoga teacher: I’ve never looked back.

My passion as a yoga teacher is going much deeper than asana into the truly life changing teachings of philosophy, the subtle energy body and interweaving with modern science of the human condition. 

There is nothing I love more than supporting a yoga teacher to step into their wisdom, to find their authentic voice and become an embodied leader.


Are you ready to embody your light?

"Teacher Training with Laura was excellent. Laura crafted the course to cover all aspects of yoga teaching. Having guest teachers gave us a different perspective and broadened our knowledge. Laura gives her all to the course and is incredibly supportive, always there to help, even after the course has finished. The feeling of community from the fellow teachers is so valuable and I know we will be lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend this course and feel so lucky to have had Laura as my teacher." Sarah, Yoga Teacher, Hampshire

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course investment.

Enrolling in a 150hr Advanced YTT is a major time and financial investment but spread out over 10-months to be more manageable. It is important that you consider whether this is right for you. To get the most out of yoga teacher training, you will need to throw your mind, body and soul into it. But - if you do - it will be one of the best investments you can make for your personal and professional growth.


Pay in Full


Pay by Installments (6 x £500 spread over duration)



Include 5 x 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions with Laura

What's Included

140 + contact hours with Senior Yoga Teacher, Laura Green & Guest Teachers

Extensive course manual

Introduction to anatomy homestudy course



If you would like to apply or discuss the course with Laura please fill in your details below and we'll get back in touch.

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