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"With Laura's guidance my confidence in my teaching style, content & enterpreneurial abilities have flourished" Dani, Pembrokeshire.

A 6-month journey for Yoga Teachers into the Art of Teaching and the Wisdom of Business


You're a qualified Yoga Teacher.

You believe unreservedly in the power of yoga.

Sharing yoga is your calling as well as your passion.

You know you are here to serve if only you could overcome imposter syndrome, trust in your unique voice and reach your dream students.

You dream of a community of likeminded teachers to support, celebrate & nurture you.

You are ready to work on yourself, to hone your craft and to dive deep into the business of yoga.

But it's harder than you thought . . .


Your passion is for yoga but now you find yourself lost in a maze of lesson planning, sequencing, marketing, social media, accounts, content creation, web design, graphic design and all whilst attempting to juggle teaching in-person and online.

Some days everything just flows and you love teaching, other days your students dwindle, you feel uninspired and wonder why you're even trying? Then you dust yourself off only to be steamrollered by new lockdown restrictions?


It's OK, I've got you.

"Laura taught me to be an authentic teacher revealing who I really am; & that whatever our personal style of yoga is, there will be a market out there. I pushed my own boundaries, confronted real fears & grew as a person in confidence & depth." Lizzie, Hampshire

There is another way . . .

As a yoga teacher, you can be well rewarded spiritually, emotionally and financially for the work you do. But this requires a holistic approach. You have to embrace the understanding that you are running a business. A business with heart and soul and also strategy, systems and planning.

Most people train as they want to be a Yoga Teacher, very few people go into yoga teaching saying they wish to be an Entrepreneur and Business Owner. But this is in fact what you are! When you embrace both the business and teaching side of yoga then you can start to thrive.


Does the business of yoga make you feel uncomfortable?

Media marketing campaigns on yoga make your skin crawl?

Do accounts, numbers and planning make your head hurt?


If you love yoga, if you believe yoga can change people's lives and the world then it is your responsibility to learn how to communicate this. Communication is marketing and marketing is business.

Please don't tell me you hate marketing and hate the business side of yoga for this negative energy is you standing in your own way. Learn how to fall in love with marketing, learn to embrace planning and strategy for these are the tools that will help you change the world with yoga.

Do you desire to feel truly empowered in your teaching?

Confident in your unique voice, connected to your intuition?

To craft creative yoga journeys that are truly life-changing?


Teaching yoga is a craft and like any Master Craftsperson , our craft needs cultivation and wisdom.

A 200hr qualification is just the beginning of a life long journey. A journey into you as well as your teaching.

This programme is as much about business as it is about teaching.

We will use the Chakra system as a vehicle to explore the psychology of teaching. To work through any blocks or barriers so that you can finally step into your light.

To unleash your creativity, to rise up to meet the courage of your soul, to let your inner voice roar out, to trust your intuition and connect to divine wisdom.

This is your time to grow as a Yogi , as a Teacher and as an Entrepreneur.


Let me show you how . . .

"Laura's attention to detail and willingness to share her personal experience, wisdom and broad knowledge base was inspiring and her support and encouragement invaluable. I learnt so much more than how to teach yoga! I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to teach yoga in a processional, genuine and heartfelt way." Sharon, Salisbury

My name is Laura, I'm a full-time yoga teacher in Southampton, UK. I have been running my business offering yoga classes, retreats, a 200hr teacher training and teacher mentorship programme for over a decade. I started teaching yoga simply for the love of it alongside my regular job but soon my classes were well enough attended that I was able to quit the 9-5 and become a full-time yoga teacher and have never looked back.

I am proud to say I have changed many people's lives whilst also making a very comfortable income which allows me to follow my dream of building my own wellness home deep in the Hampshire countryside.

The one thing that consistently fills me with joy is connecting with and supporting other yoga teachers. We have an amazing community of Yoga Teachers and when we support each other, we are all elevated.

I don't believe in competition, I believe in collaboration. I would love to invite you to join my 6-month journey from striving to thriving.

"Laura has supported me so much over the last few years, but in particular she has played a pivotal role in helping me to clarify my vision as I move to a new area and build my Wellness Business. Her experience and passion for Yoga (and supporting Yoga Teachers) shines through as she guides you with love; supporting you with effective and actionable steps to move you forward with your teaching skills and your business" Dani, Andover

Introducing From Striving to Thriving

A 6-month journey for dedicated Yoga Teachers ready to make a big change for themselves and the community they serve.

To refine their teaching craft and embrace their business.


It's time to:

Rise up to meet the courage of your heart

Identify your unique gifts and purpose as a teacher

Free yourself from doubt and imposter syndrome

Attract your ideal students and delight them

Craft yoga offerings with heart and soul

Sequence creative and memorable yoga classes

Fall in love with marketing

Step up as a heart-centred Business Professional

Liberate your voice & your wisdom

It's time to THRIVE


Inside From Striving to Thriving:

A 6-month group coaching and training experience for Qualified Yoga Teachers with Laura
to hone your teaching craft and step into the wisdom of heart-centred business.


Gather & Grow

  • LIVE, ½ Day Deep Dive: We kick things off with a ½ day intensive getting into the detail of who you are, what you dream of, and who you serve. Before crafting offerings and creating your first 90-day plan.
  • IN PERSON, Day Retreat in Hampshire: The training concludes with an in-person gathering, to celebrate your growth and development, to refill your tank with yoga just for you and look ahead to what's next for you.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY, Collaborate & Celebrate: You'll be matched up with an inner circle of your own peers for support and accountability.

Monthly Sessions

  • LIVE, 90 min Group Coaching, Training & Business Strategy Calls with Supporting Workbooks each month
  • LIVE, 90 min Journey Through the Chakras Yoga Classes with Laura each month. Explore the psychology of the chakras and how they relate to you and your teaching. Use the tools of yoga to overcome confidence issues, to liberate your voice, unleash your creativity and tune into your inner wisdom and divine guidance.
  • RECORDED, Receive 1 pre-recorded lecture from Laura's Yoga Teacher Training Series each month: The Anatomy of Breathing, The Nervous System & Stimulating the Vagus Nerve, Sequencing for Yoga Teachers, Supporting Students with Injuries, The History of Yoga, What Makes a Pose an Asana.

Expert Sessions

  • RECORDED, Social Media for Yoga Teachers, a 2.5-hour training split into bite sized junks with Marketing & Branding Specialist Danielle Garber. Covering Content Creation, Facebook for Business & Instagram for Business.
  • LIVE, 60 min Q&A with Danielle to help you clarify and implement a social media strategy that delivers results.
  • LIVE, EFT Tapping Session with Dawn Dawson to release imposter syndrome and embrace your self-worth.
  • LIVE, 60 min Yoga Photography workshop with Laura and Leading Photography Educator Ria Mishaal.


  • UNLIMITED, access to Laura's Online Yoga Studio with over 120 pre-recorded Yoga Classes.
  • REPLAYS, Laura's online CPD course: Art & Science of Sequencing (swap it out for Yoga & The Moon Course or The Goddess Series if you have already completed this training).
  • REPLAY, 2-hour Workshop on the History & Practice of Surya Namaskar.
"Laura's extensive yoga knowledge, enthusiasm and her passion to share throughout the course makes for a thoroughly enjoyable fun learning experience." Abbie, Hampshire

2021 Dates & Content Calendar




½ Day Online Deep Dive: SUNDAY 24TH January 2pm - 6pm REPLAY AVAILABLE

Whole Day Retreat In Person: SUNDAY 25TH July 10am - 4:30pm, Hampshire



Replays will be available for all sessions.

Fri 29th January 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 26th February 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 26th March 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 23rd April 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 28th May 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 18th June 4pm - 5:30pm



Replays will be available for all sessions.

Fri 12th February 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 12th March 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 9th April 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 7th May 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 4th June 4pm - 5:30pm

Fri 9th July 4pm - 5:30pm



Replays will be available for all sessions.

Wed 17th March 7pm - 8pm - Donna

Wed 14th April 7pm - 8pm - Danielle

Wed 12th May 7pm - 8pm - Laura & Ria


Content Calendar

Month 1 - Muladhara Charka
Clear up, clean out and build a solid foundation
Daring to Dream, Your 90 Day Plan
What Makes a Pose an Asana
Time Blocking

Month 2 - Svadhisthana Chakra
Your creative spirit, your uniqueness
Creative Sequencing & Theming
Building a Loyal Student Base

Month 3 - Manipura Chakra
Soul courage, heart-centred marketing
Blossoming self-confidence and
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
The Nervous System & Stimulating the Vagus Nerve

Month 4 - Anahata Chakra
Soul courage, your calling to lead
Social Media for Yoga Teachers
Building a Private Client Base
How to Teach 1:1

Month 5 - Vishuddha Chakra
Claim Your Unique Voice
The Importance of Voice & Language
The Anatomy of Breathing
Supporting Students with Injuries
Yoga Photography

Month 6 - Ajna & Sahasrara Chakra
Divine inspiration
Outer wisdom inner knowledge
Teaching Meditation
The History of Yoga
The Yin & Yang of Self Care


Course Investment

This course is an investment in you, in your business and in your community. It is a financial investment and a time commitment which will deliver a significant return on investment.

The Collective


Pay in full & receive a Private 60 min Soul Courage Coaching Call

£200 per month

Pay with 6 monthly installments, teach 1 extra workshop every other month to fund this!


The Accelerator


The Accelerator Option! If you're ready to supercharge your development this includes a monthly Private 90 min Soul Courage Coaching Call

£313 per month

The Accelerator 6 monthly Instalments. Need more 1:1 support? Add monthly Private 60 min Soul Courage Coaching Call with Laura.


Invest In You Today

Invest your time, focus & energy. Commit to the work, commit to the path and your life will change. Give me 6 months to uplevel your yoga, your teaching and your business.

The Collective

Book Now
£ 1,200
Book Now
£ 200 / month

The Accelerator

Book Now
£ 1,875
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£ 313 / month

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