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Navratri Day Retreat

Sunday  25th September 2022

10:00 - 19:00

Rownhams House, Southampton, Hampshire


What to Expect

In anticipation of our 2023 India Yoga Retreat, you are invited for an immersive day of yoga, philosophy, meditation, ritual and traditional Indian food. This day retreat marks the beginning of the Navratri 9-night Goddess Festival. Spend the day immersed in warmth, colours, sounds and smells as we bring a little of the magic of Rishikesh & Navratri straight to you at Rownhams House, in Southampton. This is a collaborative retreat taught by Laura Green, Lauren Gray & Sunitha Narayan. 


Learn the history of Sūrya Namaskāra and what it really means to Salute the Sun. Be guided into a much deep and more reverent experience of this ancient practice. Flow into a Yoga class inspired by Navratri, the celebration of the Goddess energy. Relax and unwind in an afternoon yoga class focused on deep relaxation and yoga nidra. 



Start your day the spiritual way. A Sādhanā is a personal practice or ritual to start your day which cultivates a deeper connection to the wonders of life. Be guided through a morning Sādhanā with chanting & meditation. Explore the art of meditation in an afternoon workshop on Meditation for the Love of it.  

Chanting & Kirtan

Learn the traditional yoga practice of Vedic Chanting as we chant the mantra to Durga, the main Goddess celebrated at Navratri. Connect with your shakti energy and the true heart of yoga through devotional chanting and kirtan. 


Navratri Ceremony

Learn about the 9-night festival of Navratri, which celebrates the Goddess energy and Durga. Be guided through a traditional Navratri ceremony which honours the era of enlightenment and good over evil. This colourful and creative experience will be very special!

Ritual of Aarti

Aarti is a traditional ritual performed at dusk on the banks of the River Ganga in India. It gives thanks for the day and honours the sacred river and the Goddess Ganga.  Participants give a small offering 'diya' with a candle and flowers to the river.  Learn about this ritual, make a 'diya' and give this offering to the lake at Rownhams House. 

Indian Lunch

Food is nourishment for the soul and belly in India! Experience a traditional buffet and sample many delights of Indian cuisine as we sit together for lunch. This will be a vegetarian lunch, all dietary requirements can be catered for. Other snacks will be provided throughout the day.   


The Venue

Rownhams House, Southampton

Rownhams House, Rownhams, Southampton, is a stunning retreat venue just 10 mins from Southampton. The venue has its own parking and is very easy to find.


Directions & Parking

Please use the map for directions to our venue.

The full address is:

Rownhams House, Rownhams, Southampton SO16 8LS.

The entrance to the venue is on Betteridge Drive.

Parking is provided on-site, please park next to the main entrance.


Your Retreat Hosts & Teachers

Laura Green

Laura has been leading retreats worldwide for over 10 years and this is her 6th retreat to India. Laura fell in love with Rishikesh for its heady blend of culture, spirituality and food. As a teacher of yoga, Laura is most passionate about the spiritual and philosophical depths of this ancient practice. 

Lauren Gray

Lauren has a deep love for India having trained as a Yoga Teacher in Goa in 2014 and has travelled extensively around this beautiful country. Lauren's love of mythology and meditation is infused throughout her teachings. She has extensive experience hosting retreats and leading heartfelt journies. 

Sunitha Narayan

Sunitha was born and raised in India and got married in Rishikesh in 2010. She has lived her life immersed in the traditions and practices of Indian Vedic culture and can't wait to share these with you. As a teacher Sunitha shares passionately her understanding of Hindu deities and practices in a way accessible to the modern yogi. 

The Price


Day Retreat


What's Included


2 x Yoga Classes, morning and afternoon

Meditation Workshop

1 x Meditation Workshop



Delicious and Nutritious home-cooked lunch

Navratri Ceremony & Aarti

Connect and learn about this celebration of the Goddess, learn how to make a diya offerinng.


Sādhanā Workshop

Learn to create your own spiritual ritual


Free onsite parking


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