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Yoga & The Moon
Online Immersion

Starts Sunday May 24th 16:00 - 17:30

Via Zoom, or any time with video replays

£48 - 4 Week Course

4 Week Online Course

Join Laura for this 4 Week Online Immersion Course to explore how to live in harmony with the lunar cycle through yoga, meditation and ritual. To make this course accessible to all you can choose to partake in the live Sunday sessions or access everything on demand with replays.

Includes: 4x 90 minute Yoga Classes | 4 Guided Meditations | 4 PDF guides | 1 x 40 minute Yoga Nidra | 1 x Chanting Session | 2 how-to Guides

The Lunar Cycle

For centuries humans have recognised that the moon's cycles influence our lives and the world around us, during this course you'll learn how to live with more intention, trust and flow. Learn how to optimise your lifestyle and yoga for the phases from New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon to Wanning Moon. 


 Experience four 90 mins Yoga Classes each tailored to the 4 key phases of the moon.  Join Laura live via Zoom each Sunday or access the replays anytime.  Learn the ancient Sequence of Chandra Namaskar, the Lunar Salute, the different Hand Mudras & Mantras for each lunar phase, and how to balance the moon's energy through movement.


You'll receive 4 downloadable meditations tailored to each phase of the moon and a Yoga Nidra. Learn meditation techniques that directly rebalance the autonomic nervous system enabling us to notice and influence our fluctuating energies as we tune into the rhythms of the natural world. 


You'll receive 4 instructional PDF Guides on how to create your own Lunar Rituals and learn how to chart the moon's phases so that you can design your life for optimal energy management. You'll also get a chanting session & guides on making a smuding wand & moon tea.

Join Live

To connect live and feel the energy of our community, join the Yoga Classes live on Zoom each Sunday of the 4 weeks from 16:00 - 17:30

Sunday 24th & 31st May
Sunday 7th & 14th June


Can't make those times?

You'll receive the recorded replay of the Live Zoom Class within 24 hours which you will have lifetime access to so that you can fit the course around your own availability. 

Join Laura for this 4 week course, starting Sunday the 24th May.

Course price £48

Course Includes: 4 x 90 minute yoga classes, 4 guided meditations, 4 PDF guides,

1x 40 minute Yoga Nidra, 1 x Chanting Session, and 2 How-To Guides

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