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Yoga Teacher Mentorship Programme

Learn to THRIVE as a Yoga Teacher

12-week Group Mentorship Programme 

Next Course: Jan - Apr '22 +lifetime access

Online Live & Interactive (Replays Available)

"I’ve just smashed my best month ever for turnover! I came into mentorship with Laura wanting to double my turnover with no more classes in a year and after just 2 months, I am up 22% with no more classes. Plus, the number of people I am teaching is up by 40%. Brilliant course - really pleased I signed up!" Tim, Salisbury.


Do you want to turn your love of yoga into a profitable, flexible, thriving business?

To attract new students, keep them coming and finally kick the imposter syndrome to the curb? 

Would you like to thrive as a Yoga Teacher without the overwhelm, fear and isolation? 

Well now you can, with unparalleled support, training, accountability and lifetime access to all course materials.


Learn How To

Build a sustainable & profitable business

Market your yoga offerings with heart

Deliver inspiring & creative yoga classes

Fill your yoga classes & build a following

Expand into workshops & events

Step into your UNIQUENESS & SERVE!


It's time to do things differently, LEARN how to run a Yoga Business that
Attracts Students, builds Loyal Followers and THRIVES.  

This journey is one that we take TOGETHER.



12-week Mentorship Programme with Laura:

Build a Yoga Business that allows you to do what you love while making a significant impact and income.

This group programme is designed to make the most of your limited time and to focus your mind on the Essential Principals for Success.

Get direct access to my 12 years+ teaching and business experience so you can skip the learning curve and get straight down to thriving.

Save time, energy and money with our done for you Templates, Guides & Checklists and lifetime access.

With on-demand trainings in everything you need from business to marketing and teaching skills. Plus live mentoring calls with Laura where you get direct feedback, take immediate action and receive tailored advice for your business, you can't help but see results!

I will NOT let you fall behind, get lost or lose your mojo!

You Are Not Alone.

"Laura's passion for elevating Yoga Teachers shines through as she guides you with love; supporting you with effective and actionable steps to move you forward with your teaching skills and your business. With her guidance, my confidence around both my teaching style, my content, and my entrepreneurial abilities has flourished." Dani, Pembrokeshire.

The Mentorship Programme


Course Overview

Get ready for . . .

Week 1 ~ Attracting New Students

Week 2 ~ Elevate Your Teaching

Week 3 ~ Create a Loyal Following

Week 4 ~ Social Media 101

Week 5 ~ Marketing & Photography

Week 6 ~ Creative Sequencing

Week 7 ~ Email Marketing

Week 8 ~ Strategic Thinking

Week 9 ~ Power of Language

Week 10 ~ Building a Private Client Base

Week 11 ~ Creating Events & Retreats

Week 12 ~ Growth & Evolution


The Juicy Details . . . 

Attracting New Students

There are endless streams of potential new students just ready to take your classes. Learn how to find them, what their needs are and how to best invite them to class. This is an in-depth training with a 90 min video, 3 workbooks and a complete guide on how to attract new students and how to create your own marketing plan for success. With course materials you can use again and again to attract new students to your yoga business. 

Elevate Your Teaching

A 2-hour on-demand workshop exploring the ins and outs of guiding movement. From the basics of observing with kindness, verbal cueing with compassion through to different ways of demoing, how to support your students' individual journeys, cultivating a yoga mindset and making classes more accessible. What we teach in class is not as important as how we make our students feel. Reconnect with what's important and refuel your passion.  

A Loyal Following

Once you've attracted new students, create an outstanding First Class experience so that new students become FOREVER students. Excellent customer service is a big missing link in the yoga world. Learn how to cherish your students from day 1 to year 10!  A 90 min training plus 2 home study workbooks and email templates to create a truly first-class experience for your students. Let your students grow with you and take the pressure of the perpetual marketing cycle.


Social Media 101

Social Media for Yoga Teachers, a 2.5-hour training split into bite-sized junks with Marketing & Branding Specialist Danielle Garber. Covering Content Creation, Facebook for Business & Instagram for Business. Everything from getting set up, creating a brand, and seeing results. 

Content & Photography

60 min Yoga Photography lecture with leading photography educator Ria Mishaal so that you can take your own scroll stopping images for social media and offline marketing campaigns. Learn to feel confident and get visible in your business. A picture paints a thousand words! 

Creative Sequencing

Feel creatively inspired and learn how to create yoga journeys that keep your students coming back week in week out. Explore intelligent sequences and variations to make classes accessible to a wider demographic. Includes on-demand lectures, and class experience.


Email Marketing

An email list is the most important asset in your business (after you of course). Learn how to get started with email marketing, build your email list, grow your list with lead magnets, deliver email marketing campaigns that nurture your students whilst selling out your events.

Strategic Thinking

Mindset is everything, learn how to develop blossoming self-confidence, overcome your imposter syndrome and cultivate the fire and passion to achieve your dreams. Put into place systems such as a monthly audit, and know your numbers checklist to keep an eye on your business! 

Power of Language

Words matter, your yoga students experience the majority of your teaching through your language. Explore accessible language and learn how to avoid the language of pain and fear. Explore the difference between passive and active language styles and the power of imagery. PLUS a crash course in copywriting for your business!


Private Client Base

Want to create a sustainable income stream and serve your clients with 1:1 classes? Learn how to teach 1:1 and how to proactively build a client base for your 1:1 classes. This is a great way to expand both your teaching skills and your income. 

Events & Retreats

As your following and confidence grow, learn how to create workshops and day retreats so that you can scale your business and delight your students with extra special yoga experiences. Get access to my personal step by step planners. 

Elevate & Evolve

Learn how to review your business and make strategic decisions about your continued growth and evolution. Explore stepping into the mindset of CEO and Yoga Entrepreneur for continued growth and impact. 

"The programme has delivered more than I ever imagined covering all aspects from marketing, photography, sequencing, creativity and mindset along with much more. With Laura’s training, I have maintained my online presence and built a new studio offering 8 classes selling out 3 within 24hrs." Jackie, Hythe

Establish & Expand Your Yoga Business


Lean into Community - Always Supported

I don't believe in competition, I believe in collaboration. And when you work with me I am constantly by your side, doing it with you. You'll never feel alone, unsure or unsupported again! But more than that you get access to an amazing community, with further weekly trainings inside the Yoga Teacher Collaborative. 


Downloadable Guides & Checklists

Implementation and action are key to growth, follow the step by step guides and checklists: Daring to Dream, Online Presence Audit, Covid Secure Guide, Know Your Numbers, Weekly Marketing Planner, Step by Step Workshop Planner & Finding Your Venue Checklist.


Ready to Go:
Templates on Canva

As a Yoga Teacher, you are busy running your own business so use our simple Canva templates to save you time and money in creating marketing materials. Class package templates include a poster, flyer, FB event cover, FB & IG post graphic and an IG story sequence.

"This mentorship programme has been a deep, resourceful experience and a journey of self-discovery. With Laura's strong guidance, I have steadily built the confidence to practice marketing skills, particularly online. Laura's immediate response to any questions and queries is remarkable. No excuses for getting on with tasks. The community Laura creates inside her programmes is so supportive, fun, and nurturing. Invaluable learnings for weeks, months, and years to come." Carol, Hampshire

Action & Accountability Calls.

Knowledge and learning are great BUT Implementation and Action are key. This is why this programme has Live and Interactive calls with Direct Access to me.

I imagine, like me, you've purchased courses before that just sit in your email and you never get around to doing! Then you end up feeling guilty and even more demoralised than before.

I WILL NOT let you fail. Why? Because I genuinely care about you, yoga and the job we do in service of our communities! 

Our 60 min lives calls are all about taking action, asking questions and getting direct feedback and strategy from me. You can send me drafts of your mailers, images, course offerings etc to get direct feedback. 

The live calls are spread out over different days and times to fit your diary. You can attend them all, watch replays or just jump on when you need the extra support or want direct feedback. You also have direct 1:1 what's app support available.


Live Calls

Jan - Apr 2022

Friday 14th Jan | 18:30 - 19:30
Opening Circle

Thursday 27th Jan | 16:30 - 17:30
Group Coaching & Support Call

Friday 11th Feb | 11:30 - 12:30
Group Coaching & Support Call

Friday 25th Feb | 11:30 - 12:30
Group Coaching & Support Call

Thursday 10th Mar | 16:30 - 17:30
Group Coaching & Support Call

Friday 18th Mar | 11:30 - 12:30
Group Coaching & Support Call

Friday 1st Apr | 11:30 - 12:30
Group Coaching & Support Call

Friday 8th Dec | 18:30 - 19:30
Closing Circle

Replays are available for all sessions and the chance to ask questions at any time so you don't miss out if you can't attend live.  

"Laura is a fountain of knowledge and her enthusiasm is infectious and helped me to steer my business in the best direction for me. The results since beginning the course speak for themselves with increased social media activity and a new website. I have implemented changes to the way I structure my working week with regards to lesson planning and scheduling my marketing, freeing up more time for me. I feel much more confident going forwards as a result." Lucy, Portsmouth

I'm Laura & I'm right here by your side & doing this WITH you.

My name is Laura, I'm a full-time yoga teacher in Southampton, UK. I have been running my business offering yoga classes, retreats, a 200hr teacher training and teacher mentorship programme for over a decade. I started teaching yoga simply for the love of it alongside my regular job but soon my classes were well enough attended that I was able to quit the 9-5 and become a full-time yoga teacher and have never looked back.

I am proud to say I have changed many people's lives whilst also making a very comfortable income which allows me to follow my dream of building my own wellness home deep in the Hampshire countryside.

The one thing that consistently fills me with joy is connecting with and supporting other yoga teachers. We have an amazing community of Yoga Teachers and when we support each other, we are all elevated.

"As a fairly new yoga teacher, having Laura alongside me, supporting me and helping me focus my attention to get the most out of my business has been amazing! Laura really takes the time to listen to you and helps guide you in the right direction at a suitable pace for you. Having this focused attention has helped me develop a clear plan for moving forward with online and in-person classes. I cannot wait to complete this course and to work with Laura again in the future to help me share my love of yoga without fear" Holly, Hampshire

Course Investment

This course is an investment in you, in your business and in your community. It is a financial investment and a time commitment which will deliver a significant return on investment. Consider it like booking a yoga retreat that will revitalise you and your business.


In Full

An investment yes, but teach 1 workshop to 25 people and you've paid for it! 


3 instalments

Pay in 3 instalments, taken automatically each month. 


Invest In You Today

Invest your time, focus & energy. Commit to the work, commit to the path and your life will change. Give me 3 months to uplevel your yoga, your teaching and your business.

The Collective

Enroll Now
£ 800
In Full
Enroll Now
£ 275 / 3 Installments

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