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Relaxation Revolution

Are you ready for a revolution?

To stand up against fatigue, overwhelm, poor sleep, anxiousness, stress and burnout.

Would you like a new approach to get the most out of each day without sacrificing your own self-care?

Join the Relaxation Revolution: 21st - 25th July

A 5-day journey into Transformative Rest


Your body needs rest.

Yet nobody ever gets taught how to RELAX, it’s time to change this.

Remerging into the world after lockdown has been overwhelming, busy and hectic, this is the time to truly learn how to work intelligently with your own nervous system through movement, mindful breathing and meditation.

It is time to prioritise relaxation and learn how actively engaging with rest and relaxation can supercharge every other part of your life.

Join me for a 5-day FREE Relaxation Revolution where I'll teach you quick & immediately effective techniques you can use for a lifetime!

This 5-Day Free Relaxation Revolution is hosted in the A Private Facebook Group - with live videos and replays, plus interaction, q&as with me!

Simply join the FREE GROUP, and tune in live at 8pm (or catch the replays) each day for 15 mins. 

It's time to say YES to you, come join this free 5-day revolution and experience the transformative power of rest. 

Give me just 15 minutes/day for 5 days and I will give you tools you can use for a lifetime.

Join - Relaxation Revolution

Take a moment to pause and choose the path you want to create for yourself. There is another way, say no to more and yes to rest. Learn 5 different techniques for active rest.  

Day 1
Mindful Breathing

In just a single minute you can totally transform how you feel with The Relaxation Breath. This scientifically studied breathing technique delivers instant feelings of calm.


Day 2
Release Tension

Explore simple stretches to release physical tension that accumulates in the neck, shoulders and back. As the tension eases away feel your whole body relax and unwind. 


Day 3 
Shake it Out

Experience the effects of Movement Meditation. A powerful tool to bring you into the present moment, release stress and rebalance your entire nervous system.  

Day 4
Pillow Yoga

The ultimate in rest and relaxation. Explore bedtime pillow yoga which will gently soothe you to sleep, release the day and preparing the body for deep rest.
All you need is 2-bed pillows.

Day 5
Vagus Nerve

Learn a little about your own nervous system and how to stimulate the vagus nerve to reboot the body into the relaxation mode. This followed by a Q&A on all things Rest! 


Essential Information


21st July - 25th July
8:00pm or catch up with replays


These live sessions and the replays inside A Private Facebook Group which will stay live till 30th July.



Your Yoga Teacher

Join me, Laura! I'm a Yoga Teacher and relaxation specialist. I've been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 11 years. I'm a Senior Yoga Teacher, an Author and a Teacher Trainer.

Mastering the Art of Relaxation through restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation and breathing techniques has radically transformed my life. I find I'm more resilient, have more energy and can easily navigate the ups and downs of life. Yoga is everything to me and I want to share this gift with you. Your life can be of your making. Let yoga show you how!



Course Investment

Just 15 mins each day for 5 days to learn exercises and techniques you can repeat for a lifetime. Join the Group, set a reminder on your phone for 8:00 pm each day!


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Register now to join this free 5-day Relaxation Revolution, you'll receive your workbook and invite to the Facebook Group via email.

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