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Laura Green Yoga Ltd

Begin Again: A Deep Dive

12-week Online Course - Starts Monday 11th Jan

Live on Zoom or On-demand with replays

Join Laura for an online immersion into the life-changing practice of yoga. Begin your journey with a deep dive and discover the fullness of yoga. In this course, we will explore yoga philosophy, movement, meditation, mindful breathing, the history of yoga and more.


Course Overview


Reconnect with your physical body through movement (aka asana). Learn how to truly inhabit your body, to feel, to flow, to heal from within. We'll start by nurturing your body with gentle stretches, then progress to strengthening and empowering flows, before exploring how to find bliss and joy in your body.


Learn how to meditate in class and build a personal meditation practice with 3 recorded meditations, starting with 5 mins, then progressing to 15 mins. Experience the power of meditation to still your mind and connect you to your inner wisdom. 


Tap into the power of your breath. There isn't a single function in the human body that isn't improved through better breathing. Explore breathing techniques (aka pranayamas) for positive mental health, for focus and for calm. You'll be guided through these during class and with homework.



Each week our yoga classes will be themed on one of the 10 Key Philosophies of Yoga. You'll be encouraged to journal, reflect and explore how you can bring these philosophies into your life. With weekly reading assignments from the book 'True Yoga' by Jennie Lee for added depth and insight. 

Yoga Styles

You'll explore a variety of different yoga styles. Starting with Hatha Flow as we learn the key yoga poses, then progressing to Vinyasa Flow which is dynamic and empowering. You will also experience Restorative Yoga which is great for deep rest and Yin Yoga which is slow stretches for embodied mindfulness.


Yoga has so much depth and history to it. Explore this in our 3 bonus pre-recorded lectures. You'll receive one lecture each month to watch, these are 'The History of Yoga', 'The Importance of the Breath' and 'What Makes a Pose an Asana'. This will give you a balance of practice and embodied learning in all that yoga is!


Essential Information


Join Live: Classes 18:30 - 20:00 Mondays
On-Demand: Take the course at your time with the replays sent straight to your email
Dates: 11th January 2021- 29th March 2021


Live On Zoom - a full How-To Guide will be sent if you're not familiar with the tech. Catch up videos will be sent to you within 24 hours.


Course Format:

Weekly 90-minute yoga class


Monthly recorded meditations


Guided breathing practices for positive mental health


Tutorial videos on the key yoga poses


Recorded lecture on the history of yoga


Recorded lecture on what makes a yoga pose an asana


Recorded lecture on the importance of breathing


A book sent to you to read: True Yoga by Jennie Lee


What's App Group for support between sessions.

Your Teacher

Join me, Laura! I've been practising yoga for 20 years and teaching for 10 years. I am a Senior Yoga Teacher, an Author and a Teacher Trainer. Yoga has not only changed my life but completely shaped it! It has brought me courage, joy, compassion, it has opened my heart and made me brave, it has healed my back and soothed my soul. Yoga is everything to me and I want to share this gift with you. Your life can be of your making. Let yoga show you how!


Course Investment


Invest your time, focus & energy. Commit to the work, commit to the path and your life will change. Give me 12 weeks and I'll give you a whole new outlook.


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If you would like to book this course please click the book now button below to proceed to the check-out. If you would like to discuss if this course is right for you please get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you.


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