Yoga Teachers: It’s Time to Start your Love Affair With Marketing

Marketing for Yoga Teachers

How to Start Your Love Affair With Marketing:

I get it, you love Yoga, you love Teaching Yoga but Marketing your Yoga Offerings – that you don’t love – in fact you probably loath it! You get that it’s a necessary evil but it fills you with dread, boredom, fear or despair! Let me help with this Free Guide to Marketing for Yoga Teachers

You didn’t go into teaching yoga to be a marketing person and the usual marketing garb you see in other industries turns your stomach. I get it!

I FELT the same until I radically shifted how I see marketing, and got clear on MY PURPOSE, not my marketing purpose, but MY LIFE PURPOSE, what I am here to do, say, share, communicate in this world. And my life purpose is so simple, I’m totally clear that I’m here to spread the magic of yoga as far and wide and to as many people as possible. Why? Because I BELIEVE the POWER of YOGA can fundamentally improve each and every individual’s quality of LIFE. And you know what that means – I NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD & THIS MY FRIENDS IS MARKETING.

Now you’re a Yoga Teacher, I don’t need to tell you, but I am going to remind you THAT YOU MANIFEST YOUR OWN REALITY!! And this applies to marketing too. You can hate on social media and email marketing and then complain that it doesn’t work for you. You can’t bitch about Facebook and its algorithms all the while posting and hoping to see results. You can’t post on Instagram and then immediately exit the app complaining that social media is the scourge of the millennials.  Instead it’s time to upgrade your MARKETING MINDSET and fall in love with the LIMITLESS POTENTIAL MARKETING OFFERS FOR YOU TO MANIFEST YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.

I love to travel and always dreamed of having a job where I’d get paid to travel and GUESS WHAT, mindful marketing made this a reality teaching Yoga Retreats worldwide.

AFFIRMATION: Mindful Marketing Manifests Magic

So let’s dive in to creating your new MARKETING MINDSET which is formed of 3 key components:

  • POSSIBILTY – you believe that what you want to achieve is possible
  • STRATERGY – you are responsible for your success and create a clear plan for what you want to achieve
  • CONSISTENCY – show up, do the work with consistency over time

Time for some tough questions:

  • What are the negative thoughts you have about yourself, your worth, your offerings, your business that are holding you back from believing in possibility?

You NEED TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE – no more shit, inauthentic, contrived, clichéd marketing messages please!  You have to be, breath, live the message you are presenting.


  • The have – you want to see results from your marketing
  • The Be – who do you need to be to get results?
  • The Do – what do you need to results?

Trust in abundance – again I know this sounds like a wanky cliché but seriously NO MORE TALK about yoga being an oversaturated market. Until every human being in your town, city, fuck the entire world has the opportunity to do yoga I don’t want to hear your whining! You can’t manifest your awesome Yoga Teacher career from a place of lack, fear and judgement.

Develop your abundance mindset by:

  • Start and End each day with GRATITUDE
  • Celebrate others success, collaborate and support your peers
  • Watch WHAT you say – the universe is listening
  • Appreciate what you have, your little wins, your growth
  • Use affirmations

I hope you found this useful and inspiring!

I would love to support you to shine through your marketing, book a 90 mins Coaching Call to breath new life into your Yoga Career. 

L x