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write southampton yogaBy Laura Green

You’ve spent hours laboring over your blog post, researching and tweaking.  Taking amazing photos to support your writings. You upload it to your website. Great ! Now what . . . .read further for handy hints on how to get published

Why not extend your reach by sending it off to a couple of publications. Often our own reflections and musings can inspire and help people. What better way to practice Karma Yoga on a Global Scale. Today most magazines have an online presence, I can easily subscribe to a magazine that is in print in Canada or Australia. So, even if you are in Southampton, you can have a global impact due to publications moving to an online platform.

A Few Things to consider when submitting a blog or article to a publication

  • Your topic should be well researched
  • The format must be right for the publication it is being submitted to
  • Write passionately and for the reader
  • Edit, check, and Edit again !

We’ve done the hard work for you on the most popular sites to get published in the Yoga world.

Each link below will take you to the relevant page on the publications article submission requirements and guidelines. Always read the guidelines as each publication is different and unique in their own way, and could be looking for a certain style. I suggest that If you have a topic you are passionate about and want to write for a publication, first check out their guidelines before you start, so that you have a format to follow before you submit. It will save you from having to edit your work too much. Peruse the published articles of the publication you intend to submit to. It will give you a feel for the types of articles and style they are looking for.

Asana Journal

Elephant Journal


Om Times

Om Magazine – Head over to the Contact page and get in touch with the editor. When emailing an editor use the subject title – Article for your consideration.

Yoga Digest

Writing Tool Box

In this section you will find some really handy resources to help you on your journey as a writer or blogger. There’s a myraid of resources on the internet that offers support, from Facebook groups to writers Forums. We have chosen a few to help you get started.

Facebook Groups to link in to…

We Blog…A Blogging Community

Blogging Boost

Write On! Online