Could Children’s Yoga Classes Help Your Kids Education?

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Education comes in all guises. We naturally assume the true experience of education is through schooling with the books and endless tests that are thrust upon our children. Some children rise to this sort of challenge and thrive while others get left behind, sink and struggle with this kind of one-size fits all system and this can knock their confidence for a lifetime. Could Children’s Yoga Classes support your child’s education?

We are seeing a huge rise in the popularity of kids yoga classes as a means of supporting our children’s development and informal education. Yoga helps children to explore and learn life skills in a non-competitive way as one of the true wonders of yoga is that it really does suit all. Southampton based Kids Yoga Teacher, Sally Webber, explains exactly how one of our Children’s Yoga Classes in Southampton could support your kid’s education.

How Yoga Helps Your Kids Education?

1) Children’s Yoga Classes provide a platform that nourish and educate both the mind and body together. Formal education tends to disconnect these two with a curriculum for physical education and a separate curriculum for academic studies and so the path is set for an ongoing divide of the two. A good mind body connection is essential for mental health; problems such as insomnia, anxiety and eating disorders stem from a mind body disconnect.

2) Yoga for Kids helps in the development of emotional intelligence as through a yoga practise children are encouraged to explore a wide spectrum of thoughts and feelings as they relate to themselves and others. Even more so children learn how to control emotions such as anger, frustration and nervousness through yoga breathing techniques.

3) Yoga develops creative intelligence as children’s imagination is enhanced by exploring creativity through movement – a physical theatre for children to learn in a fun and inspiring way during a Kids Yoga Class in Southampton.

4) We all have an understanding of how to exercise the body, but yoga exercises and strengthens the mind as well. Through willpower alone children (and adults) can’t sustain focus, our ability to focus and concentrate is like a brain muscle that can be trained. With the meditation techniques and yoga breathing exercises that are taught in our Children’s Yoga Classes in Southampton you’ll see how it improves overall concentration and calmness.

5) Yoga is about connection and unity. It teaches that everyone is the same whilst also being totally unique. In a Kids Yoga Class, children get to explore and develop their true personality, free of peer pressure and social media – they get to celebrate who they are!

We’d love you to see for yourself how yoga can support children’s education and development. We offer a fortnightly Kids Yoga Class in Southampton at Chilworth Village Hall, every other Sunday at 10am. Please came and join us and experience the fun and energetic world of children’s yoga. Please book in advance by emailing


6 Ways Kids Benefit From Yoga?

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Kids Yoga Southampton

What could be more fun than bringing to life imaginative stories through yoga postures? Tree, snake, half moon, mermaid, lion, dolphin, frog are just a few of the classical yoga postures that get weaved into stories during our Kids Yoga Classes in Southampton. There is no doubt that Kids Yoga is a fun way for your little one to spend an hour but in addition to fun the benefits are surprising . . .

  1. Calms the Nervous System – it is super easy for kids to become over stimulated. Simple yoga poses and breathing exercises have a direct and measurable effect on the central nervous system leading to a sense of calmness and stillness.
  2. Helps Manage Stress & Anxiety – I hate that we have anxious kids in our society, but there is no getting away from it, with exam stress, school pressures, social media and peer pressure kids have a lot on their plate. Yoga is an amazing box of tools for handling stress and anxiety. What children learn during one of our Kids Yoga Classes in Southampton will stay with them for a lifetime.
  3. Encourages Body Awareness & Body Acceptance – through yoga postures kids are encouraged to really feel and connect with their body. To notice a variety of sensations such as strengthening, stretching, lengthening and opening with a healthy curiosity. They are encouraged to celebrate their body for what is does, to not compare or compete with others.
  4. Builds Confidence – In a Kids Yoga Class there are interactive games and exercises that encourage them to speak up, share ideas and work with children of others ages.
  5. Stimulates Imagination – creative thinking, storytelling, and physically embodying different shapes and objects is all a standard part of class as Children practise postures such as lions pose whilst roaring like a lion!
  6. Improves Concentration and Focus – with all the technology around kids (and adults) attention spans are shortening. Yoga helps to train the mind as much as it does the body. Breathing exercises and simple meditation techniques teach the children how to slow down their thoughts and focus their mind.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Kids Yoga, so why not book your little in for one of our fortnightly Kids Yoga Classes in Southampton. The first one for 2017 is Sunday 22 Jan 10-11 at Chilworth Village Hall, there is also an adults chill out class next door at the same time so you can get your yoga fix too! Details here.