6 Week Beginners Yoga Course – Hedge End, Southampton

6-Week Beginners Yoga Course – Hedge End
Starts Thurs 12 Jan at Turnpike Pavillion in Hedge End

Beginners Yoga Course, Hedge End, Southampton

This 6-week Beginners Yoga Course in Hedge End, Southampton is perfect for complete beginners and for anyone looking to brush up on their yoga basics. So if you are new to yoga, or simply curious this is a great way to get started.

With step by step, clear & safe instruction, you’ll learn all the fundamental yoga postures for improved strength and flexibility, as well as breathing and meditation techniques for stress relief and tension taming. You’ll get to experience all that yoga has to offer in a supportive, encouraging and fun environment with yoga teacher Rochelle Parkes at this 6 Week Beginners Yoga Course.

The benefits of starting yoga are vast including easing stress and anxiety, improving postures, strength and flexibility, to lowering high blood pressure and easing back problems. Yoga has existed for over 5,000 years and the main reason for its longevity is quite simply because it works and has stood the test of time. But trying something new can be a little daunting so even though you’ve heard of its benefits maybe you haven’t tried it yet. This Beginners Yoga Course will ease you in gently so that you can build up your courage and confidence with yoga.

This course is being run and organised by me, Laura Green, and taught by the lovely Rochelle Parkes. Rochelle has been a student of mine for nearly 7 years and is now a great Yoga Teacher in her own right and I’m truly delighted to be hosting this course for her.

So if you’ve been wondering what all this yoga malarky is about, now is your chance to experience it for yourself – you won’t regret it. Yoga can’t help but have a massive positive impact on your daily life.

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This course is £46, booking and payment required in advance to confirm your spot. Email me laura@lauragreenyoga.co.uk.