Sunday 27th September 2015 – Super Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Nature is so damn clever. After the Equinox on Wednesday reminding us of the importance of balance and in particular the balance of opposite such as light and dark, day and night, nature goes ahead a does it again tonight, showing us both the brightest and darkness full moon in the same night! This hasn’t happened since 1982.

It’s looking like we’ll have clear skies tonight so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to see both tonight’s Super Moon and The Blood Moon during the Lunar Eclipse.

During a Super Moon the moon is closest to the earth and appears significantly bigger and much brighter. We should be able to see this for much of tonight. Then around 12am tonight the partial eclipse will start, when the Earth moves between the sun and the moon. It will be a total eclipse between 1am – 2.30am. During this time, the Moon may appear Blood Red as the light from the sun bends around Earth.

If you feel like celebrating with some yoga, try my online Lunar Flow Class to Balance and Calm Body and Mind (also perfect Sunday Yoga!). You’ll find it in my Online Yoga Studio (



September What’s On – Yoga Classes, Beginners Yoga Workshop, Autumn Equinox Workshop, Retreat

September Whats On: Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats, Yoga WorkshopsWell it’s official now, Welcome to Autumn. September has a feeling of renewed focus to it which I love. It’s usually the 2nd busiest month at class, after January, as we settle back into our routines. It also marks the beginning of the last 3rd of the year, making it the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on what hopes and dreams you would like to manifest this year and then use the ‘back to school’ feeling to make some progress.


I’m off to Italy, 10th-19th of September, to host the True Taste of Tuscany Yoga Retreat. All classes will be running as usual whilst I’m away with Kate, Linda, Helen, Candice, Emma and Martin covering. Please make an effort to attend classes whilst I’m away as it is a great opportunity to learn new and different things and reinvigorate your practice with a different teacher. I still have a couple of spaces available for Tuscany so if you fancy and last minute spontaneous trip – let’s make it happen!


Yoga Classes resume at Taunton’s College this Thursday 3rd Sept (17:45 & 19:00) and at Chilworth Village Hall on Tuesday 8th Sept (11:30). Check out the class timetable.


I’m looking to release dates shortly for 2016’s Day Retreats, Weekend Retreats and Retreats Abroad and have been working really hard to plan and organise totally unique and inspiring experiences for you – I can’t wait to share them with you.

September What’s On

Beginners Yoga Workshop

Sat 26th Sept | 14:00 – 15:30 | Taunton’s College, Southampton

A comprehensive 1.5 hour yoga workshop to teach beginners all the essential and fundamental aspects of yoga to kick start (or restart) a journey into the wonderful practice of yoga. We’ll cover the key groups of yoga poses which strength and stretch the body; learn slowly and in detail the yoga Sun Salutations and practice yoga breathing techniques for relaxation as well as stamina. You’ll leave this class feeling clear, confident and ready to join a drop in yoga class. This workshop is for total beginners, it will be slow, thorough, relaxed and informal. A great introduction into an amazing practice. Workshop fee 12. To book please email me.


Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Workshop

Fri 25th Sept | 18:00 – 19:15 | Taunton’s College, Southampton

This candle lit restorative yoga class is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the week. In restorative yoga the body is fully supported by a variety of different props so that there is no active engagement of the muscles, instead they get to gently stretch, relax and open into the comfort of the props. Restorative yoga promotes deep rest and relaxation; it is the ideal way to recharge your batteries and is a real treat. Workshop fee 12. To book please email me.


Autumn Equinox Yoga Workshop

Sat 26th Sept | 10:00 – 12:00 | Taunton’s College, Southampton

This special 2 hour practice is inspired by the Autumn Equinox. Drawing on the focus and determination of autumn we flow through empowering standing postures looking out how we can step into our strength through slow, deliberate and structured movement. Inspired by this time of balance, during the equinox we have equal hours of day and night, we look at how we find and maintain our own balance both on and off the mat by juggling opposites. The Autumn Equinox is also a time for letting go, just as the trees shed their leaves so we look at what is no longer serving us and what we need to let go of to enable new doors open, and new directions and possibilities to be revealed. Workshop fee 20. To book please email me.


True Taste of Tuscany – 7 Night Yoga Retreat

12th – 19th September

A true taste of Tuscany and Italian hospitality awaits on this 7 night Yoga Retreat – all inclusive (except flights). Staying in a secluded sanctuary hidden amongst the Olive Groves we will indulge in two yoga classes daily, savour the delicious classical Italian Cuisine, sample the local wines with a wine tasting experience, and day trip into Siena for the food markets, shops and culture. This will be an amazing adventure. Yoga, wine, great food, stunning location – what more could we ask for? Full details here.

See you on the Mat!