Launching Soul Retreats

Feeling nervous! Doesn’t happen very often . . . heart is pounding and I feel a little sick. Launching my brand new yoga retreat company, Soul Retreats today! The mission behind Soul Retreats is to bring you the best of both a Yoga Retreat and a Yoga Holiday guaranteeing a Soulful Adventure. This means some serious time on the yoga mat to go deep into the practice and make breakthroughs, to find stillness in meditation and to really connect with your soul whilst making time for fun and adventure as you get to explore and enjoy the country that is hosting you. Keep an eye on your email, it’s happening shortly, details for Morocco in May, Tuscany in September and Glamping in Surrey in August. If you don’t receive my emails, message me with your email address to make sure you don’t miss out. Wish me luck! Lx


Yoga, The One New Year’s Resolution

With the festivities of the Christmas period passed, it is usually about now that the guilt sets in that we’ve over indulged. This gives us a sudden spurt of motivation and we set our New Year’s resolutions ‘cut out the naughty treats and the alcohol, start calorie counting and go to the gym three times a week’. Then two weeks in we feel a lack of motivation and the guilt resurfaces. Just maybe we’re not to blame? Just maybe it’s the resolutions that were the problem, too much denial?

There is a better way! Why not take a yogic approach to your New Year and infuse your year with positive change. Yoga is about doing something just for you. In yoga you are taught to accept yourself and your body just as it is. If you are not flexible or strong these are not faults to overcome but simply challenges to embrace. It is this idea of acceptance and compassion that makes yoga such a life changing practice.

New Year is a great time to discover yoga. After the hectic pace in the run up to Christmas give yourself a gift by finding a little ‘me time’. Yoga gives your body what it sorely needs after all the Christmas indulgence. As the body moves through a series of postures a large number of muscle groups are strengthened which will tone and shape the body. The practice of Sun Salutations in yoga builds in a cardiovascular element which burns calories and heats the body. As the heat builds you can add twisting postures which detoxify the body by stimulating the abdominal organs.

One of the best things about yoga is that afterwards you feel so refreshed, energised and healthy that the last thing you feel like doing is reaching for an unhealthy snack or a glass of wine. Take a new approach to 2015, The Yogic Approach, and discover how with one positive change you can achieve so much more.