Annual Christmas Party Class

I’m so excited for this year’s Annual Yoga Christmas Class on Thursday 18th December from 7pm to 10pm in Southampton. I have invited two amazing musicians to join us this year for a truly magical celebration and they will be playing live as we get on our festive yoga flow! Let’s join together for the last yoga class of 2014 and make it a night to remember with twinkling lights, festive flows, live music and even a visit from Father Christmas.

With the hectic run up to Christmas we can forget how to smile, laugh and embrace the Magic of Christmas. In this bliss-filled class you can expect pure indulgence with an uplifting and inspiring yoga flow embracing the playful, joyful nature in all of us followed live music and an amazing kirtan experience with guest teacher, Nayarani. This is the last yoga class before Christmas and will be in place of the usual two classes that happen on a Thursday at Taunton’s. This class is open to everyone and you will need to book and pay in advance to guarantee a space. Only 5 spots left! Class price: 20 pounds. Richard Taunton’s College, Southampton.


Thank You & Happy Christmas

I wanted to say a MASSIVE, HEARTFELT – THANK YOU to each and every one of you. To those of you I see regularly on the mat, to those who pop up sporadically and to those I am yet to actually meet – you inspire me daily, you make it possible for me to live my dreams and share my passion and I truly deeply appreciate being on this wonderful journey of life with you. If I don’t see you before, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of living your uniquely brilliant life whilst making your dreams come true. This is certainly my plan . . . and I will be launching a Yoga Retreat Company in January called Soul Retreats with a mission to share my love of yoga, travel, food and culture.


Journey to Bliss Day Retreat

Forget the pre-Christmas To-Do list – Escape for a day!
A whole day of ‘Me Time’ – sounds like a day dream …right?

December is hectic and it is so easy to neglect our own health and well being at this time of year. Each and every year we do the same thing – piling up our to-do list, saying yes to every request and demand of us and by the time we actually get to Christmas Day? Well, we’re either over tired, burnt out, sick or just plain grumpy. Do something different this year . . . take a DAY OFF to Relax, Renew & Rejuvenate.

Have you ever done that? We take time off work, but have you ever taken a day off from your responsibilities, from being a mum, a husband, a care giver . . . from your life?

Join me for the:
‘Journey to Bliss Day Retreat’
10am-4pm this Saturday 13th December
at Wisdom House in Romsey

I know that taking a whole day off can seem selfish but trust me you’ll be more present, more content, more loving and more generously festive as a result. I promise you a day of divine indulgence, filled with the most heavenly of treats.

Journey to Bliss Day Retreat Includes:

90 minute Morning Yoga Class – A Heart Opening & Backbending Practice to unwind tension from your upper back and shoulders, whilst connecting with the energy of love and kindness
75 minute Afternoon Relax & Renew Yoga class, including restorative yoga, yin yoga and yoga nidra (yogic sleep!).
Guided Meditation
Meditative Labyrinth Walk Experience (weather dependent)
Raw Food Workshop and recipes to take away, including Energy Balls and a Festive & Healthy Christmas Dessert
Thai Yoga Massage Workshop, Learn a short sequence to share with family and friends over Christmas and Nutritious home cooked 2 course lunch
All inclusive day retreat for 75pp – option to pay 50% now and 50% in January!

The Day Retreat needs to be booked and paid for in advance to confirm your spot. An ideal early Christmas Present!