6 Week Yoga for Runners Course – Starts Thursday 6th Sept

6 Week Yoga for Runners Course – Keeping Runners Running!
Increase Focus & Flexibility, Build Strength & Stamina, Improve Posture & Eliminate Nagging Aches & Pains

Yoga 4 Runners Course
Course Start: 6 week course starting Thursday 6th September 2012
Course Time: 8.15pm – 9.15pm
Course Venue: Main Hall, Richard Taunton’s College, Hill Lane, Southampton, SO15 5RL
Course Cost: 6 weeks for £48 payment due at time of booking
Contact: Laura Green, 07866 459208, laura@lauragreenyoga.co.uk

How Will Yoga Help Your Running?

* Yoga postures can correct muscle imbalances resulting from high impact training, aligning the joints, improving bone density, stretching and stabilising the body to prevent pain and injury, particularly in injury-prone zones: hips, hamstrings, knees, Achilles tendon and iliotibial band to name just a few.

* Standing yoga postures correctly align the knee, strengthen the arches to provide better shock absorbers and maintain healthy connective tissue in the foot and shin. They also improve balance, pelvic stability and leg strength for powerful efficient form.

* Dynamic flowing yoga sequences develop a sense of rhythm between breath and movement, build stamina and coordination, combining upper body and core strength with lower body flexibility.

* Slow, gentle, hatha yoga with longer holds in postures balances out your athletic efforts, cultivates awareness of any resistance, promotes release of tension to avoid injury and can help you recover and rejuvenate after sports.

* Yoga breath work and concentration exercises can improve body awareness and confidence, focus and patience, and positive pleasure in your athletic pursuits.

How Yoga with Laura has Helped Other Runners

Candice“I joined Laura’s yoga class to improve my strength and stability. I have certainly achieved this and have a much better posture and balance, which is highly important for trail runners to avoid injure. Though I enter trail marathons, I am not competitive and run for personal fulfilment – relaxation and stress management, self-achievement and enjoyment of nature. If I am struggling to relax into a run or am finding it mentally tough, I always run through a yoga sequence in my mind to achieve calmness and serenity. So not only has becoming a Yogi enhanced my personal running experience by giving me the core skills to improve my technique, but also maintain focus and harmony. ” Candice – Trail Runner – Eastleigh

James“Having previously struggled with running injuries I have found Laura’s yoga class to be invaluable to my training. Her class has helped by regularly stretching out my fascia and has improved my balance, coordination, breathing, body awareness and focus, all essential for helping maintain good running form, particularly when trail running. I recently completed a 100 mile race across the South Downs Way with no sign of injury, no niggles or even a single blister! I attribute my success in no small part to Laura’s class which I couldn’t recommend more highly! I even completed a sun salutation at 54 mile on route!” James – Ultra Runner – Eastleigh.

Keith“At work we had a health and fitness open day where Laura came to talk about Yoga. I had never considered yoga, thinking it was just bending and not really exercise. But as it was in works time I thought I’d give it a go. I am not very flexible and I struggled at first, but Laura is very patient and knowledgeable and helped me a lot. It has been a year since I started yoga, and I have noticed that I don’t get as tired and stiff from running, my suppleness and flexibility are improving and I don’t get injured as much. I fully expect to continue with yoga and running as a form of exercise. I see them both linked now, each one helping the other. I definitely feel my running has improved through yoga.” Keith – Marathon Runner – Gosport.



Rachael“Running has always been part of my life but 3 years ago I attempted stretching after a race and realised I couldn’t touch my toes. I decided that I needed to work on my flexibility and had heard that yoga was good for this so I started going to Laura’s classes. Laura said ‘yoga is a journey’, which was good as I felt so far away from being a ‘bendy’ person. At first I saw the physical improvements such as relief in my lower back. It also taught me to recognise when I was tightening up and how to release my muscles. After the obvious benefits I started to notice that the breathing and meditative exercises had transposed from my yoga mat to my running. When doing races I noticed that I found it far easier to calm my breath and concentrate on my end goal. Now yoga is as much a part of my routine as running and I want to thank Laura for her teaching as I always look forward to class.” Rachael – Southampton.