Yoga Business Plan

Yoga Business Plan

As a Yoga Teacher – when did you last review your business and make a yoga business plan based on strategy and insight?⁠

I’m an intuitive yoga business owner BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t sit down with a pen and paper, look at some facts and figures every once in a while.⁠

But, I like to keep it light and straightforward, cause I’d rather be meditating than creating my yoga business plan!

Pause, Reflect & Realign

I do a Yoga Business Plan every 3 months following my 3-part review method and love sharing this with other Yoga Teachers inside the Yoga Teacher Collaborative. Want to give it a try?⁠ Now’s a great time!

First review your yoga offerings

Sit down, grab a blank page of paper and put away all distractions as we take step one in your Yoga Business Plan. Review your current and past class offerings. And work out what to stick, grow and ditch.

Stick ~ all working well, good consistent yoga class numbers, no marketing needed, just rinse and repeat⁠

Grow ~ you’re loving teaching this yoga offering and getting great feedback from your yoga students but you need to focus on growing the numbers or scaling by adding more of it.⁠

Ditch ~ it’s not feeling good anymore, you’re not motivated, inspired to teach it, you and your students have moved on, it’s time to let it go and make space for something new! ⁠

Now plan out your next 3 months of class offerings focusing on the grow and scheduling in the stick!

Apply the same method to other areas of your business, such as marketing.

What types of yoga marketing has led to new yoga students and better engagement with your students?

What are you going to stick to doing, what do the numbers tell you are working really well and you need to do more of and what marketing yielded no results and needs to be ditched?⁠

Then plan out your next 3 months of yoga marketing focusing on only the methods that grow your business!

Would you like help to create your Yoga Business Plan?

I offer 1:1 90 min laser-focused coaching sessions for Yoga Teachers, you can learn more here.

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