The Relaxation Revolution

Relaxation Revolution

Are you ready for a revolution?

To stand up against fatigue, overwhelm, poor sleep, anxiousness, stress and burnout?

Do you feel that knowing deep inside that there is to be a better way?

A way in which you can still achieve your dreams and get the most out of every day without sacrificing your own self-care.

Well, you’re are 100% correct . . .

There is Another Way!

And that way is the Transformative Power of Rest.

Download the FREE RELAXATION REVOLUTION RESOURCES with resources, links, videos and playlists to help you TICK OFF this Revolution!

Nobody ever gets taught how to RELAX, it’s time to change this.  

It’s time to work with your body, soothe nerves and improve your physical and mental health. Join me in the pursuit of relaxation.

Say yes to YOU this weekend with the Relaxation Revolution

Relaxation Revolution

Over this weekend revolution, spend just a little time each day taking active and constructive rest and for the chance to WIN a spot at my next 12 Week Online Yoga Course – Transformative Rest.

Download the FREE RELAXATION REVOLUTION RESOURCES with a Guided Relaxation, The Relaxation Breath Technique, Bedtime Pillow Yoga Video, Guided Meditations & more to give you inspiration!

How to know if your body needs rest.

How do you know if you need to better quality relaxation and proper rest?

  • Feeling tired yet wired and unable to get a good night’s sleep
  • Sleep soundly but still feel exhausted on waking
  • Needing a glass of wine or TV just to switch off in the evening
  • Feeling bloated, headachey or experiencing backpain
  • Snapping at friends and family even when you know they’re doing their best
  • Unable to focus and getting easily distracted
  • Feeling anxious for no explainable reason
  • Life seeming beige, like all the colour has drained away
  • Tension in the neck, shoulders and back

It’s time to answer the call. Say no to more and yes to rest!

Let me take you on a journey towards sustainable relaxation 

It is time to work with your body, rebalance your nervous system and improve your physical and mental health by activating your relaxation superpower!

Are you ready for the RELAXATION REVOLUTION?

Join the Revolution to Win

For a chance to WIN a spot at my next 12 Week Online Course – Transformative Rest complete the following steps:

  1. Join the Revolution – and head over to Instagram and announce you’re joining the Revolution, maybe invite some of your friends/family to join you as accountability buddies! Tag @lauragreeyoga so I can cheer you on!
  2. For every two activities you tick off you get 1 entry into the prize draw. The more you tick off the more chance to win!
  3. Share and Tag Me @lauragreenyoga each time you tick 2 things off
  4. The winner will be announced Monday 19th July
  5. Prize – 1 spot on my upcoming Transformative Rest Online Course – starts 30th July (Replays Available)

Download the FREE RELAXATION REVOLUTION RESOURCES with resources, links, videos and playlists to help you TICK OFF this Revolution!

Remerging into the world after lockdown has been overwhelming, busy and hectic, this is the time to truly learn how to work intelligently with your own nervous system through movement, mindful breathing and meditation.

It is time to prioritise relaxation and learn how actively engaging with rest and relaxation can supercharge every other part of your life.

Simply use the suggested list of ‘Relaxation Revolution’ activities which are all free and easy to do in your local area and take no more than 10 mins each and see how much better you feel after spending a little time for you each day this Weekend. Get your free resource pack here!