New Yoga Teacher? This is what you need to know

New Yoga Teacher? This is what you need to know

Would you like to be a full-time self-employed Yoga Teacher?

Well, this is what you need to know . . .

The role of a yoga teacher is 30% actual yoga teaching and 70% working on your yoga business.

Go in with your eyes wide open to this fact, learn a lot more about how to run a yoga business and you’ve got the BEST full-time job there is!

So what makes up the 70%?


Building relationships with potential students, finding out about their day to day challenges so you can make qualified and personal invitations to try yoga. Start here with Social Media for Yoga Teachers training video.


Making that invitation, telling people about your classes, sharing posters, flyers and more. Learn more with my Guide on 60+way to Attract new Students.

Customer Service

One to one communication via email, text, social with students and potential students, email newsletter and nurturing. Sending thank you emails, confirmations and follow-ups from events, answering any and all messages, comments and questions at class. Need help on this point – here’s a 20 min training on how to cherish your students with good customer service.


Working on your website, creating landing pages, updating your booking sites, keeping up with your google my business, using a blog to improve your SEO, building your email list.

Lesson Planning

Crafting wonderful yoga journies that keep your students coming back each week. Try theming your yoga classes with more in-depth journeys – here’s my guide on How To Theme a Yoga Class.

Project Management

Booking, planning, orchestrating events such as retreats, workshops. Liaising with venues, caterers and collaborators💡 Ongoing Learning – getting to classes and workshops with other teachers, watching trainings on business, reading and networking with other teachers. Try a 3 month’s strategic business review, with this Yoga Business Plan guide.


Sending out invoices, paying supplies, booking, and creating a month profit and loss.


Ready for this? Cause I’m ready to help you.

Make sure you’re a member of the Yoga Teacher Collaborative UK – a free community with weekly trainings on all this and more!

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