My Favourite Yoga Leggings

Yoga Teacher Uniform = Leggings! Some people even consider this to be a top benefit for a full-time Yoga Teacher, a life lived barefoot in leggings! It was novel for the first year, not having to put on a suit & high heels but that didn’t last long! Role on 9 years and I have so many pairs of yoga leggings but I can’t get excited about wearing them!

Then Love Leggings got in touch and offered me a free pair of leggings to try out! Clearly, I said yes please and thank you very much. I’ve been sent LOTS of free yoga clothes in the past and usually don’t like the material, or the cut or the ethics/values of the company so I wasn’t expecting much. But I was wrong! I received my first pair of free leggings and then within a week had been back on the website to purchase 3 more pairs! And this is why I love, Love Leggings  . . .

  • I can afford them! The leggings start at £12 for their everyday range, and go up to £28 for their high functioning sports leggings. Compare that to the price tag of other yoga brands like Lululemon and the price point of £78 and that’s a huge difference and they are equally as good! Plus they have free delivery.
  • They fit a vertically challenged individual! I’m about 5ft2 and most leggings make me look like Nora Battey. Love Leggings come in a 7/8s length which is meant to sit just above the ankle for yogis of normal height, but for a shortie a 7/8s is the perfect full length fit.
  • You can’t see my knickers through them! You wouldn’t expect this to be an issue, but a lot of yoga leggings (often including Lululemon) are see-through when you bend over in yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog, you can’t begin to imagine what I’ve seen when yoga students bend over! The material in the Sports Leggings range is fine enough to feel super comfortable and thick enough to preserve my knicker privacy – thank you very much Love Leggings!
  • Magic Material for a cat owner – all my other leggings seem to be a magnet for cat fur – I don’t know what Love Leggings have done but I can cuddle my furry cat in my black leggings without the risk of rocking up at class looking like a crazy cat lady!

So in summary, if you’re a short, cat loving, price conscious, modest yogi you’re going to LOVE, Love Leggings!  These are the Leggings I ordered:

Focus Midnight Black 7/8 Sports Leggings


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