60+ Ways to Attract New Yoga Students

60+ Ways to Attract New Students

The single biggest challenge faced by Yoga Teachers is how to attract new yoga students. It doesn’t have to be this way! Use this tried and test Guide for Attracting New Yoga students to your yoga classes.

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Marketing your Yoga Classes is about relationship building and meeting new people. In my 11+ years of yoga teaching experience and through mentoring over 100 teachers I’ve tried it all and I know what does and doesn’t work!

To attract new yoga students to your class you want to focus on in-person community-based marketing rather than the next social media trend or platform.

Trust me, Instagram Reels are not the most effective way to get more students to your local class.

So many teachers put time and effort into their social media, feel like they are working hard to market their yoga classes but just aren’t seeing the results. I get it! Social media is more fun but at the end of the day, it’s not what works!

You need to get out into your community and focus on having Real Conversations, with Real People, building Real Relationships to build a sustainable and loyal student following!

Get started now by downloading my Guide for 60+ Ways to Attract New Yoga Students – this covers both in person marketing and of course some social media approaches as well!